Saturday, June 27, 2015

Entre Muros at MYA Gallery

The Entre Muros crew! With Max Ruiz, Jaz, Elian, Inti, Alexis Diaz, Tina Ziegler and Cekis.

On Thursday evening, the Entre Muros exhibition opened at MYA Gallery here in London. We were working up until the very last second to put this show together, but in the end it was a great evening and was so nice to see so many familiar faces out to support this Latin bunch. The exhibition exhibits original artwork from 12 of some of Latin America's finest Street Artists and was curated in collaboration with Max Ruiz from Suben Art Management.

We were lucky enough to have INTI, ALEXIS DIAZ, ELIAN, JAZ, AND CEKIS all in appearance at the opening reception. Along with curator, Max Ruiz from Suben Art Management.

The exhibition will be on show until August.
To view the Entre Muros collection and boxset please go here:

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Entre Muros Boxset - progress shots

To celebrate the Entre Muros exhibition and bringing 12 artists from across Latin America together for the first time in London, we are releasing a limited edition box set of 12 hand customised, signed and numbered prints. Each artist was asked to create one portrait image for the box set, the images were made into one colour screen prints and shipped off to the artists around the world to customise. Here is just a look at some of the finished prints from Curiot, Doma, Rodrigo Branco, Saner and Decertor.

The boxset is limited to 30 editions and will be released on a first come, first serve basis at the opening reception of ENTRE MUROS at MYA Gallery on June 25th. 2015.

More information please contact me at

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Entre Muros - Latin American Street Art comes to London

In just 2 weeks, Entre Muros opens at MYA Gallery, a group exhibition of 12 artists from Latin America. As gallery director of MYA,  I wanted to bring some colour to London and shine a spotlight on the incredible talent that is coming out of Latin America. Artists like Inti, Alexis Diaz, Doma and Jaz are just some of my top favourites that are really pushing mural art to a new level.

The exhibition is curated by subject specialist and good friend, Max Ruiz from SubenySuben. He is the author of a number of publications, including Nuevo Mundo: Latin Amercian Street Art. Ruiz has also played a pivotal role in introducing Latin American art to the international market.

London is lucky enough to have 5 of the artists travelling to the city and with the help of some great local projects, like Global Street Art and Wood Street Walls, we are securing them some locations to paint. More news on where they will be painting and when can be found on my insta as the show comes together. Please follow me here @tinaziegler if you want to find out more.

Entre Muros opens at MYA Gallery on Thursday, June 25th 2015.
Opening Reception: Thursday, June 25th 2015

Exhibiting Artists:
 Brazil: Rodrigo Branco, Rafael Hayashi / Argentina: Doma, Elian, Jaz / Chile: Cekis, Inti / Mexico: Curiot, Saner / Peru: DecertorColombia: Stinkfish / Puerto Rico: Alexis Diaz

More information please contact me at the gallery:

Hope to see you at the opening!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Vibes and Odisy in London

Individually as artists, VIBES and ODISY have been painting on the streets of London and internationally for over 15+ years, however quite recently these masters have teamed up to create one magical duo of talent. I have been avid followers and fans of both of their work, so to see them working together in this way is just a little graffiti dream come true.

Here are some pictures from their most recent mural, a quick little tester for them as they continue to collaborate and develop their tag team style. There is much amazingness to come from these guys, so keep your eyes peeled.

Follow their moves on Insta - @vibes_ldn  @oddhouse

LAX / DTW, Thinkspace Gallery teams up with Inner State Gallery

Los Angeles based gallery Thinkspace has teamed up with Inner State Gallery in Detroit, Michigan to present 'LAX / DTW'. This special exhibition has been curated by Thinkspace and serves as an amazing introduction to the burgeoning New Contemporary movement for art lovers in the Midwest. With roots firmly planted in illustration, pop culture imagery, comics, street art and graffiti, put quite simply the New Contemporary Art Movement is art for the people. Featuring new works from over 80 artists from around the world, 'LAX / DTW' will kick off with an opening reception on Saturday, June 6th with two of the owners of Thinkspace on hand.

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 6th 7-10PM On view: June 6th through July 4th, 2015

Featuring 16×20 inch works from over 50 artists spanning the globe including featured artists: Stephanie Buer and Liz Brizzi

Inner State Gallery 1410 Gratiot Avenue Detroit, Michigan 48207

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Endangered Species at MYA Gallery

Wow, it has been years since I have updated this blog. I hope you all forgive me, I have been pretty busy putting on shows, working with art fairs and now directing a new gallery in East London.

Over the past few years, street art has really exploded and a zillion incredible projects have developed to support this growing art movement. I am very happy to still be involved on a day to day basis and with that said, I would like to speak a bit about my most recent exhibition at MYA Gallery.

Endangered Species is the second exhibition I have curated for MYA Gallery and aims to raise awareness about just some of the animals that are currently at threat of extinction. There are over 300 species of fish, 1/5 of sharks, more than 500 amphibian species and 1/8 of all bird are in danger of becoming extinct in the very near future.  I thought it would be a good idea to use my career as a curator to raise a bit of awareness and give back to the people that are really doing something to put a stop to this super scary reality. The exhibition is in support of World Land Trust, a UK organisation that helps to protect the habitats of endangered species around the world.

All the artists exhibited, selected one animals they wanted to work with from the endangered species list I offered to them. The result is a beautiful collection of 20 artworks from international artists that I truly respect and admire.

New and original artworks on show by exhibiting artists:
Gent 48, Matt Small, Pam Glew, Labrona, Luke Cheuh, JADE, Shark Toof, SatOne, Andrey Adno, Angry Woebots, Eismann, Txemy, Jason Redwood, 3ttman, Pantonio, Fintan Magee, Odisy, SozyOne and Morik1, Uriginal

Opening Reception of the exhibition: April 23rd 2015
Exhibition on Show to Public from: April 24rd 2015
Closing of the exhibition: June 14th 2015
For more information please email me at:
Or visit the gallery website:

Monday, October 1, 2012

Luke Chueh - Moniker Art Fair 2012 Installation

Moniker Art Fair 2012
October 11 - 14
Village Underground
Luke Chueh first UK Appearance
Project Space: Head Spaces

Pop surrealist Luke Chueh will present an all-new collection of paintings that fully demonstrate his unique influences and trademark processes. These collective works form part of his new series ‘Head Spaces’, which features Chueh’s trademark characters in typically playful yet dark scenarios. Chueh will also be presenting his ‘Template Series’, set to be completed throughout the course of Moniker Art Fair. Working from outlines of his much-loved rabbit and bear characters Chueh will create a range of new paintings inspired by his London surroundings, as well as collaborating with Moniker audience members and exhibiting Moniker artists on a number of fresh canvases.


Introduction to Luke Chueh Monday 8 October / 7pm / Shoreditch House Shea&Ziegler and Moniker Projects in conjunction with Shoreditch House will be hosting an evening with Luke Chueh. In an intimate environment, Chueh will be discussing his artworks including a live demonstration of his template series and signing his new book ‘Bearing the Unbearable.' This is a private event with very limited seating. Contact Tina@Shea-ziegler for availability.

Luke Chueh ‘Bearing the Unbearable’ book signing
Saturday 13 October / 1pm / Direct from Luke Chueh Project Space Chueh will be in attendance to celebrate his UK release of his first monograph, ‘Bearing the Unbearable,’ a compilation of Chueh’s witty paintings, morbid humour and iconic characters.

Luke Chueh ‘Face Paint’ Limited edition screen print release
Saturday 13 October / 3pm / Direct from Jealous Studios workshop
A live handpulled four colour screen print will be released at Moniker Art Fair. Chueh will be hand finishing the edition in person at the fair, making each print a unique collectable.

More information:

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Seen & Heard, a solo show by Matt Small

Matt Small’s unusual portraits are painted directly onto found used pieces of metal giving his work a raw, urban immediacy.  His subjects are also found, filmed without their knowledge in and around London, enabling Matt to bypass the posed, staginess of more traditional portraiture.

Small is a passionate believer in social inclusion and that, given the opportunities to be heard and respected, all individuals have something of value to contribute to society. His paintings are an expression of his world view: by painting young marginalised figures of society he allows the viewer to spend time with these urban characters in the hope that a shared sense of humanity arises, unrestricted by class and social boundaries.

Seen & Heard opens on Friday, August 10th from 6-9pm in London at Blackall Studios. The exhibition is curated by Moniker Projects.

More information: