Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rey Ortega: Interview with the artist

I hunted down and gathered up some information on emerging artist, Rey Ortega. I saw his work on the Juxtapoz website and had the desire to find out more about his work. So here is a little interview with Rey, so we can call have the pleasure of getting to know him a bit better.

1. Where do you live and work?
I both live and work in Toronto, Canada. It's nice.

2. What mediums do you use?
I like to experiment with different tools, although at the heart of it, you will always find pencil. Even though I might use ink, water colours, acrylics,tea, computer,or gouache, I still think of the work as a drawing.

3. When is your most productive hour to work?
Early in the morning, scribbling away as the sun comes up, and later in the evening, after having a coffee or tea.

(image to the right:last boss 10.5"x23")

4. What sizes do you normally work with? You like to paint small or big?
I'm most comfortable working at approximately 11"x17". Recently I made pieces that were either much larger or much smaller than I'm used to. I think it helped me to understand my process better. Right now I'm preparing to work on a 30"x18" surface, I've always wanted to do a long horizontal piece.

5. How did you get started on this path?
Like most people, it started with my first box of crayons. I liked cartoons and comics, and I started to draw my own stories. I didn't really have a plan or a plot, I would just draw and make stuff up as I went along. In a way, I'm still doing the same thing!

I feel like I'm still exploring the different paths ahead of me, things like gallery art, editorial illustration and comic books all have their unique charms.

6. In the work that I have seen, you use a lot of earth tones, and natural shapes,any reason or inspiration behind that?
I think it comes from my exploration into 'simplicity'. Everything from the media, to the composition, forms and ideas stems from that. Nature as a subject evolved from that, and now I'm looking at things like decay and ruins.

7. Favorite food? ;)
That is a tough question! I like lots of food! Pho (Vietnamese noodles) will always have a special place in my heart, slow cooked ox-tail stew (Filipino), and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. But I could probably eat just noodles and fried rice all day.

If folks want to get in contact with me for illustration or gallery work, or just to say hey, You can of course, find me at my website, and blog

(image to the left:drifter 6"x9")
Alright make sure to view more of Rey's work and give him a shout out.
Thanks a lot Rey for the interview and photos~!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ledgends of Style- From Boston to Delaware

Legends of Style just had their annual two day event in Boston, from the 26th to the 27th. Attracting almost 1,000 attendees per event, Legends of Style is a four-year old
event featuring urban inspired artists, top deejays, dance performances and new fashion. This years LOS is with over 225 works from usa and international emerging artists being one one of the top art events in America.

The next stop is Wilmington,Delaware, from the 3rd to the 4th of May.
The two day event will be jam packed with art, music and fashion. Get all the information HERE.
This is a must see event if you are in the area of Delaware!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

World of Found clothing!

The Black house by World of found

I just started working with this clothing brand called World of found.
A very conceptual brand that has a interesting philosophy, with the image of a mysterious girl and her rabbit as the brands identity, taking life by chance and not by design. The brand is from Barcelona and sells around the world. You must check out their website and the open artist collaborations they do. Very interesting stuff.
The current collection, titled 1968, takes a look back to the revolutionary year and the most memorable and important events from 68. And this new shirt, The Black House!
The brand is open to work with artists, so give them a look on their website, or their myspace.

Update: Art Chicago- video

Im hoping to get some pictures soon of the Art Chicago fair that went on over this past weekend. For the moment, I found this nice video that explains a bit the show and the different divisions...helped me understand a bit more about this art fair, and how it all works.

Check it out Here.
Takes a minute o two to load.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sean Anderson open studio-tonight! LA

Well to bring you another event going down in LA this weekend, here is the open studio of Sean Anderson, friend and also artist in Hunt & Gather. Sean's work is very inspiring, his newest series is part of the El puente Health Project in Bolivia, the image above is from the series Luchas y mas. Visit his web here to see his complete portfolio.
From Sean's Studio you can then pop over to the Munky Kings, Joe Beats party..making it a jam packed evening of art and music.


Friday, April 25, 2008

Munky King presents Joe Beats.

Tomorrow night, Munky King Presents Joe Beats, with special guest Maker. With appearances by Dj Colby,and R-Rated. All going down at the Bordello Bar in Los Angeles, where Joe Beats will drop his new 7''vinyl record for your listening pleasure.

>Instrumental hip-hop at its finest!
Get all the info Here.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


This month marked the opening of the new art gallery in New York, Last Rites. Their grand opening was nothing short of grand, with a group exhibitions with artists such as Matthew Bone, Michael Hussar, HR Giger, John John Jesse, Travis Louie, Dan Quintana, David Stoupakis, Chet Zar and more.
The space looks amazing due to the
collaborative effort between Genevive Zacconi -gallery director, and Paul Booth- the gallery owner, the two of them have opened the gallery with the idea to exhibit the works of artists that explore the darker side of their imagination, a growing genre that sometimes can be overlooked.

I love the dark surrealist work from these artists and the many emotions it sparks up inside you when seeing it. I really hope this gallery stays open for a long time to come! Send your support, view the online store and check out the current exhibition which closes on the 28th of April.
Link here.

Today starts ART CHICAGO

Im not going to say too much, but more so just point you in the right direction. If you are in the Chicago area this week, make sure you take a visit to the Art Chicago and NEXT art fairs, the two very important art celebrations going on there at the Merchandise Mart.

"Art Chicago™ 2008, the annual international fair of contemporary and modern art, brings together 180 of the world's leading emerging and established galleries, representing 56 international cities to showcase the work of over 2,000 renowned artists. "
Visit the website for all the information > Here.
Preview night opening: April 24th
Days: April 24th -April 28th
Times: Open 11am to 7pm

-if one of you do go, and end up taking pictures,,let me know I would love to see them.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

European Media Art Festival: April 23 to 27th

21st European Media Art Festival. This year’s Media Art Festival is in search of individual identities in a globalised world.

Who: The EMAF is one of the most influential forums of international Media Art. As a meeting point for artists, curators, lenders, gallery owners and an audience of specialists, the festival has had a great impact on the topic and aesthetics of Media Art.
What: Current overview of experimental films, installations, performances, digital formats and hybrid forms, ranging from personal and political subjects or formal experiments to provocative statements.
When: April 23rd to 27th
Where: Osnabrueck, Germany

The main exhibitions is titled
Young Identities -Global youth, an exhibition completely devoted to youth. "It demonstrates attitudes towards and images of adolescent realities from a variety of continents and cultures."
From discussing western youth’s attitudes towards music,fashion and consumption to the everyday lives of youths in the Ukraine or Mexico.
(Information taken from EMAF website). Get all the details for the festival HERE, including
the complete program.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Barrie Mcgee.. a different kind of interview

Barrie Mcgee was recently interviewed on Art Talk Tv. But this is no normal interview report, this is an art piece in itself, created by the Mr. Mcgee, with all his creative & innovative talent.
I got to say the best part about it for me was Barrie's characters voice,
muy bien mr. Mcgee, muy muy bien.

The video is split in view PART ONE here and PART TWO here.
sit back and enjoy..never can get too much of Barrie.
(link taken from Juxtapoz website.-thanks guys!)

Follow up: AMAZE art festival- Belgium

Well to follow up a bit on the Amaze Art festival, that went on last weekend in Belgium.
El Gato Chimney(top L) reported back and passed on a few of the photos he took and a video.
By the looks of it, the event was fantastic, with the opportunity to meet and greet with some of todays well known street artists like The London Police(top R), Flying Fortress(Bottom L) and Jef Aerosol(bottom R) Make sure you Check the video on youtube here. And more pictures of the whole event here.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Heroes & Villains: Artist Portraits

The Corey Helford Gallery, starting tomorrow is showing the photography of Tatiana Wills and Roman Cho’s. The show is titled Heroes and Villains, exhibiting the portraits of some of the most well-known and influential contemporary artists around.
Such as Liz Mcgrath, David Cho, Audrey Kawasaki, and many many more.
The show will only be on display in Los Angeles for two days @ the Corey Helford Gallery!
Tuesday April 22nd and Wednesday April 23rd.

So don't miss out on the opening Tomorrow night! April 22nd.
Check the gallery webpage for more information.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Artistic creative music videos..Royksopp

My husband passed me these videos, which I found to be brilliant. The music videos are by ROYKSOPP, a band from Norway, maybe you have heard of them before..but if not, check this!The illustrations are super creative and remind me a lot some of the art that is being produced today..the concepts are perfect.

Give these a looker:(links go to myspace and youtube)
well thats all for now.. enjoy!

Alpha Cult Charity show! Fixed 100

Aaron Kraten..............................Cuca Refugia .......................

Fixed 100 a Charity Art show by ALPHA CULT!

There are over 100 works in the show, all priced at a low $100. A donation goes directly to the AIDS/Lifecycle organization. Their are some great names in this show, such as Aaron Kraten, Angel 179, Josh Taylor, Cuca Refugia and many more.

Alpha cult is located in Long Beach, California. Visit their web for more information and to view
the complete show!
Some really nice pieces for great prices and a good cause,, cant get much better than that!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Project Gallery LA Opening of Familiar Friends!

Just wanted to keep ya informed about all the shows going on this weekend!! Here is another one, brought to you by Project Gallery in La...One of my favorites!

Los Angeles - Project Gallery is proud to present "Familiar Friends," featuring new work from Lisa Alisa, Erika Yamashiro, Cherri Wood and Lindsay Campbell.

artist reception: Saturday April19th 7-10pm

For preview information please contact the gallery
www. projectgalleryLA. com

Tanner Goldbeck & Mr. Larry Mills photo show!

Tanner Goldbeck
(Racecar13) and
Mr. Larry Mills are presenting a photo show this Saturday night in SANTA BARBARA, California!!

April 19th - Art Resources 512 East Haley... Right next to Muddy Waters. TIME: 6 - 9 pm.

"Photos are selected over the past few years of car shows, races and other automotive expeditions. Photos from the Antique Nationals, Paso Robles, El Mirage, Starlite Customs, Viva Las Vegas and many more....DJ Matt Armor will be entertaining your ears as you carouse the gallery... "

Racecar 13 is also another artists featured in Hunt & Gathers art book.
More info on Racecar13 click here.

AMAZE art fair 18th-20th April! Belgium

Starting today is the AMAZE art fair, held for three days in Belgium at the Bau-huis Slachthuisstraat 62 - 9100 Sint-Niklaas.....(umm yeah. that place) Only 3 euros entrance for all 3 days..
The event will include performances, installations, exhibitions and events, including an impressive list of amazing artists such as Blek le rat, D-face, The London Police, Swoon, Flying Fortress and Hunt & Gathers artist El Gato Chimney from Italy.

Holy shit am I pissed im missing this event! It looks and sounds AMAZing!!
Check all the info at AMAZE website .

And view some of El Gato Chimney's work at
fotolog or his myspace and add him as a friend! He has some great work!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New artists added to the book- Emilio Sick!!

Emilio Subira
Is a extremely talented sculptor who lives in Sevilla, Spain. I recently came across his work and was so impressed I had to add him in to the book, Hunt & Gather.
Check more of his work here at his webpage or add him as a friend at myspace.

The beginning

Here is where the blogging beginning, begins. With my self-introduction. I have been surrounding myself by artists and wandering in the shadows of urban art culture since I was just a little one. I love art, and I have dedicated my future to help build the careers of artists from around the world. Growing up in California, I have always been exposed to great artists and wild street culture. Spray paint was a common smell in my house hold, credits to my older bro Johnny. Moving to Seattle I started producing graffiti-fashion shows and began making my connects. Now I reside in Barcelona. A very interesting city which has now become my second home. Still trying to find the first one, but knowing this.. Barcelona is the city in which I hope to bring many American talented artists to, and help build up the art culture within this city.

The past year I have dedicated to creating an art book, titled Hunt & Gather, which features the beautiful works of 45 international artists. Names like Yoskay Yamamoto, Liz Mcgrath, Dave Pressler, Craola, Deseo One, and many more fill over 200 pages of pure color.
So far Im waiting to hear from the publisher, so for the moment we must all have patience.

This blog is for sharing, informing, and promoting art. I post up interviews I have done, artists I have come across, and those artworks that I fall in love with. All around the themes of Street art, Graffiti, Stencils, Stickers, Surrealism, LowBrow art, Sculptures and what ever else it is that catches my attention.

Hope you enjoy!

The material presented on this blog is provided for reference only.
This site contains links to related sites. Any links from this site are provided for your convenience only.All logos and works created by Tina Ziegler or John Ziegler are under protection of copyright, this includes blog design, logo designs, names and the artist book of Hunt & Gather.