Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The beginning

Here is where the blogging beginning, begins. With my self-introduction. I have been surrounding myself by artists and wandering in the shadows of urban art culture since I was just a little one. I love art, and I have dedicated my future to help build the careers of artists from around the world. Growing up in California, I have always been exposed to great artists and wild street culture. Spray paint was a common smell in my house hold, credits to my older bro Johnny. Moving to Seattle I started producing graffiti-fashion shows and began making my connects. Now I reside in Barcelona. A very interesting city which has now become my second home. Still trying to find the first one, but knowing this.. Barcelona is the city in which I hope to bring many American talented artists to, and help build up the art culture within this city.

The past year I have dedicated to creating an art book, titled Hunt & Gather, which features the beautiful works of 45 international artists. Names like Yoskay Yamamoto, Liz Mcgrath, Dave Pressler, Craola, Deseo One, and many more fill over 200 pages of pure color.
So far Im waiting to hear from the publisher, so for the moment we must all have patience.

This blog is for sharing, informing, and promoting art. I post up interviews I have done, artists I have come across, and those artworks that I fall in love with. All around the themes of Street art, Graffiti, Stencils, Stickers, Surrealism, LowBrow art, Sculptures and what ever else it is that catches my attention.

Hope you enjoy!

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