Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rey Ortega: Interview with the artist

I hunted down and gathered up some information on emerging artist, Rey Ortega. I saw his work on the Juxtapoz website and had the desire to find out more about his work. So here is a little interview with Rey, so we can call have the pleasure of getting to know him a bit better.

1. Where do you live and work?
I both live and work in Toronto, Canada. It's nice.

2. What mediums do you use?
I like to experiment with different tools, although at the heart of it, you will always find pencil. Even though I might use ink, water colours, acrylics,tea, computer,or gouache, I still think of the work as a drawing.

3. When is your most productive hour to work?
Early in the morning, scribbling away as the sun comes up, and later in the evening, after having a coffee or tea.

(image to the right:last boss 10.5"x23")

4. What sizes do you normally work with? You like to paint small or big?
I'm most comfortable working at approximately 11"x17". Recently I made pieces that were either much larger or much smaller than I'm used to. I think it helped me to understand my process better. Right now I'm preparing to work on a 30"x18" surface, I've always wanted to do a long horizontal piece.

5. How did you get started on this path?
Like most people, it started with my first box of crayons. I liked cartoons and comics, and I started to draw my own stories. I didn't really have a plan or a plot, I would just draw and make stuff up as I went along. In a way, I'm still doing the same thing!

I feel like I'm still exploring the different paths ahead of me, things like gallery art, editorial illustration and comic books all have their unique charms.

6. In the work that I have seen, you use a lot of earth tones, and natural shapes,any reason or inspiration behind that?
I think it comes from my exploration into 'simplicity'. Everything from the media, to the composition, forms and ideas stems from that. Nature as a subject evolved from that, and now I'm looking at things like decay and ruins.

7. Favorite food? ;)
That is a tough question! I like lots of food! Pho (Vietnamese noodles) will always have a special place in my heart, slow cooked ox-tail stew (Filipino), and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. But I could probably eat just noodles and fried rice all day.

If folks want to get in contact with me for illustration or gallery work, or just to say hey, You can of course, find me at my website, and blog

(image to the left:drifter 6"x9")
Alright make sure to view more of Rey's work and give him a shout out.
Thanks a lot Rey for the interview and photos~!!