Friday, May 30, 2008

Munky King & Super 7 present NanaSaru

There at it again.. another art filled weekend in LA and Culver City.
Along with the art walk we have Super7 and Munky King
bringing you NanaSaru: A one day Pop Up Store and Exhibit. Focusing on Japanese Vinyl, Kaiju Connections and pieces from personal collections, this exhibit/store cannot be missed! Special very limited T-shirts pre-order by LA Pride, AntiKillers and more! There will also be a raffle for some really great suprises....This is a one day only event, so b
e sure not to miss this!!" (Munky King)
Saturday, May 31st from 12 to7pm.. All day of chillen on Melrose Ave.

Just three doors downs from Munky King, at CAPSOLE
Raiders of the Lost Art: Tribute art show!

Raiders of the Lost Art Tribute show!!
Opening Reception At CAPSOLE
7320 1/2 Melrose Ave.
LA, CA 90046
7-10 PM!

Thanks Derek from Munky King for the info!

Music and live art :Manchester

I'm not a 100% on this, but as far as i know Mr.gauky, Rek, Hammo and EightBit who will be painting live to the sounds of Daedelus from Ninja Tune and Mark Pritchard tomorrow night!

Oxford Street, Manchester. At the MUSIC BOX
So if your in the area, make sure you go and check out these cats paint!

Mr.Gauky is another one of the great artists featured in Hunt & Gather, hes got some really great work going on at the moment!
Check him!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Video from Tate modern street art event: BBC news

a short news video is up on youtube from the Tate Moderns Street art Exhibition that went down last weekend in London!
I really enjoyed the comments made by the typical English fellows.

Check this one out!


Saturday, May 31. On Saturday, May 31, 2008, the City of Culver City will present the third annual ARTWALK Culver City...a free, self-guided tour of local art galleries and exhibition spaces.

Over at Project Gallery they have the Special opening of "insider trading"
a group show of gallery represented artists.

Saturday, May 31st, Noon - 8pm
During the Culver City Artwalk.

A show curated specifically for the Annual Artwalk,
"insider trading" will showcase new work from
Yoskay Yamamoto, Tessar Lo, Rebecca Urias, Nate Frizzell, Edwin Ushiro and Scott Belcastro.
Over 40 galleries in the Culver City Artwalk will be open all day for your pleasure!! Last year over 10,000 people descended on Culver City. So dont miss out!!

LOOK DE BOOK- new art mag. in Barcelona

LOOKdeBOOK is an art publication which shows the current tendencies in the art world, the quarterly issues provide you with a superb selection of notorious artists and designers, their best works or creations in all different fields, amongst others: photography, fashion design, illustration, paintings, editorial fashion, graffiti, sculpture, installation…


I have a few copies of this mag, and I went to their last lauch party for the 3rd issue, which was creatively placed in the fresh meat market. The magazines replaced the meat for an evening, and the sangria was tasteful.

Visit their website, and check out where they distribute near you, as i recommed you give this magazine a look!

Corey Helford Gallery Opening: FOUR

Sorry its been a few days since i last posted, been crazy busy. But to keep you infomed, the Corey Helford Gallery has an opening tomorrow night, The 30th of May.
The show is titled FOUR, showcasing the works of Four artists.. Jason Shawn Alexander, Sarah Folkman, Karen Hsiao, Miso and Melissa Forman.

Opening reception: Friday May 30th
7 to 10 pm
Show up till June 21st.
Get directions and visit the very nice website of the gallery.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Better late than never! SCION SHOW

Well the lovely JSHEA 9 just passed me over some pictures he took at the last Scion show from the beginning of the month. The haley collective is now gearing up for the next scion show, the work ships out this week and then then are off to LA to install.. Ready to rock their style there in June! Ill keep you all posted on this show as the date get closer!

But to just see how great the show was and get you prepared for the next one in June..check the pictures!

Jshea and Yoskay Brooks and Racecar 13

Andys piece. Tim mc's dope painting

Zuri, Peekaboo and Jshea's piece!

Thanks alot JSHEA for the pictures!!

Every now and Then- group show at Carmichael gallery

Every Now And Then, a group exhibition featuring national and international artists, including Thaїs Beltrame, Jonathan Edelhuber, Josh Heilaman, Chad Mount (aka tribalbot), and Mehgan Trice. In new works by these five artists, color and medium function as clues to the vast spectrum of human emotion. Exhibited works include acrylics and oils on canvas and wood, pen and ink on paper, and mixed media pieces.

Show runs from :
May 24 - June 15, 2008
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 24, 8 PM - Midnight--sorry,, a bit late..but hey,,go down and check the show anyway.
1257 N. La Brea Ave.
West Hollywood, CA 90038
Visit the gallery here:

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pics are up from TATE MODERN street art weekend!


This event is just mindblowing.. street art covering the outside of the Tate got to
go check more pictures as they come out, i found these images on Flicker.. but im sure in the next days, all the pics, videos and info about this event will be flying in.
so stay posted!

I am 8-bit

Just recieved this in my mail box. Stage one! ...thats all i can say for now.

Friday, May 23, 2008

TATE Modern~ Street art Exhibition!!!

24th to 26th of MAY 2008!!

Tate Modern’s Street Art exhibition curated and promoted by young people encourages youth across South London to work with New York artists Graffiti Reaserch Lab to mark the building with light projections. ‘Tate Studio’ is a free event with a vibrant line up of street artists, bands and DJs who will take over the Level 2 Café and other areas of the gallery encouraging young people to experiment with different forms of street art such as projection, drawing and sticker-layering. The event will include a temporary installation by Random International.

Tate Modern presents the work of six internationally acclaimed artists whose work is intricately linked to the urban environment:

Blu from Bologna, Italy; the artist collective Faile from New York, USA; JR from Paris, France; Nunca and Os Gemeos, both from Sao Paulo, Brazil and Sixeart from Barcelona, Spain.!!

The murals will decorate the building for three months from 23 May - painted on protective coating so they can be removed without causing damage.

holy guacamole! Seriously, this is some next level shit. From the auction houses to museums, street art is Everywhere and gettin the respect it deserves...Finally!

If your in london, you have to go to this.. im even thinking about buying a ticket right now, and flying myself over there! Please send me pictures if someone goes to check this!!

Get all the info on TATEs site HERE!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Scala Mercalli-Biggest street art show ever to hit Italy

Scala Mercalli


The biggest show on Street Art ever made in Italy. A trip in to the Italian underground culture.
At the Rome Auditorium between May 20th - July 31th.
Everything is in Italian on the site, but go and check out the pictures of the space and
the event. The pic with all the artists painting in the "classroom" atmosphere got me hyped, and thats just the backstage warm up.
It seems May has been one amazing month for street art so far, with this event in Italy, and the Cans festival in London..Things are moving in the EU!

see program:

Scala Mercalli-Biggest street art show ever to hit Italy


The biggest show on Street Art ever made in Italy. A trip in to the italian underground culture.Rome Auditorium May 20th - July 31th
see program:

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Video from Intoxicated Demons show- Berlin

Aro just shot me over the link to the short video made about the show he had in Berlin a few weekends back.
The show is on now at the Intoxicated Demons gallery, and is titled “Die Post ist da!” - runs until May 31st, and is showing the splendid works of artists ARO, from Germany, Michael Hyp from America and Morgan Andersen from Denmark. This trio is one you must make sure not to miss.

Check the video here:

Intoxicated Demons gallery HERE!

Thanks alot ARO for keeping me posted!

New Gallery! Joshua Liner Gallery

A new gallery has opened up this past April. The Joshua Liner Gallery in New York, Joshua Liner co-founder of Philadelpia’s Lineage Gallery has just opened up a gallery in NYC. The amount of work that is up on the webpage, I felt like a kid in a candy store going through the photos. The opening exhibition featured the works of Shawn Barber, Crash One, Mike Davis, Ron English, Jeremy Fish, Blaine Fontana, Futura, Robert Hardgrave, Naoto Hattori, Kenji Hirata, Zach Johnsen, Jessica Joslin, Josh Keyes, Koralie, Kris Kuksi, David Choong Lee, Travis Louie, Tomokazu Matsuyama, Chris Mendoza, Aiko Nakagawa, Pat Rocha, Greg Simkins, Damon Soule, Stash, Heidi Taillefer, Ben Tour, Mark Dean Veca, Oliver Vernon...
holy shiza!!!

The exhibitions!!
Koralie (Gallery 1) (photo up top)
Robert Hardgrave (Gallery 2)

Jeremy Fish (Gallery 1)
Josh Keyes (Galler 2)

Greg Simkins

The website seems like its still a bit under construction, but go ahead and check it out, keep a close eye on this gallery as its going to be doing some big tings in the near future.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Pictures are up from the ELECTRIC WINDOWS event

Thanks to the lovely Paper Monster flicker page, I was able to see just how amazing the Electric windows art event was this past weekend in Beacon NYC...
So make sure you go check out all the flicks HERE..

With an impressive list of artists, the event took place during the day, where the artists painted live on canvases, which after were hung on the building windows. The art work will be on show for the next 12 months!! lucky peeps that live in Beacon,,ya get to see that everyday for the next year..
Thanks again for the pics Paper Monster!!

Last Rites gallery NYC

Another amazing show at the Last Rites gallery Nyc. Only a few months open, and they keep bringing fresh works and well known names. This dark surrealist work has got to be some of my favorite stuff. The show is called Cyberdine with artists Fred Harper & Christopher Conte. Where the line between man and machine is blurred, and a new fusion is created.

This weekend I was super busy so missed the post on the opening night, but the show is on till the end of June, so make sure if your in the area, go check it..or at least visit the website with all the images from the show.
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 17th, 7:00pm-11:00pm. Show runs May 17th thru June 29th, 2008.
Get all the info. HERE

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pictures from SWAB Barcelona

I visited the SWAB art fair yesterday here in Barcelona, and here are just a few
pictures i took. The 35 different galleries that were there all had something fresh to offer.
I really enjoyed the sculptures, and new surrealist pieces. Sorry no names are with
the photos, but hope you enjoy the images anyway.. Get more info on the SWAB
web site!!