Sunday, May 11, 2008

Barcelona. the current situation.

This blog so far has been mainly focused on the California art world, I am trying to get international events posted, but I keep finding that all the most important art exhibitions by artists in which I admire, all seem to be in the California area.. A shame for me, as Im all the way over in Barcelona, Spain.
I decided to share a bit about what is going down here in my city, here are some pictures I have taken from the local dark alleys, and dirty streets. Barcelona is a beautiful city, but sometimes i feel as if we are lacking some creativity.. the true believers in art,, who would risk everything to get up, and who would rather buy paint, then eat at a plaza cafe. show some respect to the cats that do get up in this concrete jungle.. here are some pics for you to enjoy.
big up the local artists who live here: Kram, Klinisbut, Miss Van, Pez, Victor Castillo, Diva, Tyboy, B-toy, lolo,Dolk, Asia, Steep, sudon, comico,Dr.Hofman, and more!

Sad story to tell is that in 2006, the laws were changed in Barcelona.. The walls were all painted grey, skaters got fines for skating when before their was no problem. All the walls of fame in Barcelona were torn down, and just this month, the last standing walls of Poble Nou have been crumbled down..So overall,, graffiti and street culture in Barcelona have seen some hard times.I hope this will change soon, cause shit..this Grey is boring.
So all you street artists, you are needed urgently here in barcelona..If you come to paint, you can crash on my sofa! ;)

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