Friday, May 2, 2008

CANS Festival LONDON!! 3rd to the 5th

Alright all you stencil loving, street art fans, this weekend in LONDON, is the first
ever CANS festival, where stencil artists from all over the world are flying out to attend the event. The Festival is open to the public, so get ready with your freshly cut pieces and loaded cans. Its a 3 day event from 10am to 10pm, the exact location is now known, as it was released at 10:30 am this morning. Leake Street is the spot, next to waterloo station. Turning this city street in to all over street battle! Some confirmed artists are Vexta, Prism, Bandit, Roadsworth, Faile, Blek, Btoy, and the all mighty Banksy + many more!
They have stated the rules clearly on the site, no bombings or tags.. This is a strictly STENCIL art mad fest battle!! Get all the info. and directions here!!
Please if ya go, get some video and photos! and pass them to me..please !!!!!

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