Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Electric Windows: May 17th-18th Beacon,New York

The Electric Windows is a group of 24 artists which will come together to paint live on the exterior of a 19th century factory building. "On May 17th and 18th Artists will be painting murals live on the street in front of 510 Main Street in Beacon NY. The pieces range from 8'x12' to 8'x8' At the end of the day on the 18th all of the pieces will be installed in the windows of the vacant factory building across from 510 Main Street. Both the creation of the art and the instalation will be an amazing site to see. "

The Open Space Gallery in Beacon will be having the exhibition opening night,
which features the works of the Electric Window Artists.
Opening :on the 17th. From 6pm-8pm.

On Saturday the 17th, they also have free live
music all day. From 12 to 6.

When: Live painting 17-18th May all day, or till it get dark i guess.
Where: 510 Main street, Beacon Ny.

ARTIST LIST(this is incredible)

Above, Chris Stain, Cycle,Dan Funderburgh
Daryll Peirce, Depoe, Elbow Toe
Jim Darling, ILOVE MY BOO,Lady Pink
Michael De Feo ,Mr Kiji
Peripheral Media Projects , Peat Wollaeger, Rene Gagnon
Rick Price, Rissssa Boogie, Ripo , Ron English, Tes One, The Love Movement
,Tina Darling, Ultra ,UPSO ,You Are Beautiful

Basically, this event is going to rock.
Get all the info. Here.

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