Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Joe Ledbetter & Andrew Brandou- And more at 1988!!

Joe Ledbetter and Andrew Brandou are exhibiting this Friday, at the San Francisco 1988 Gallery! The show is titled Unspeakable.The show runs until the 6th of June.

Make sure you stop by, if your not in the S.F area.. but you are in the LA area.. Go by the 1988 Gallery, On Melrose Ave. Which has a great show going on at the moment, and its only on till the 16th.

It features the works by Peter Gronquist, titled The Revolution will be Fabulous. Its a solo show of his works, which are weapons decorated with the labels and logos of mass produced luxury brands. This combination of imagery, between war, and that disturbs me due to how much i see them being connected. From countries going to war, to people fighting their daily battle regarding their image and material items.. I find this exhibition to be fascinating.

Thanks to the gallery for the photos.. got them from the site.

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