Friday, May 23, 2008

TATE Modern~ Street art Exhibition!!!

24th to 26th of MAY 2008!!

Tate Modern’s Street Art exhibition curated and promoted by young people encourages youth across South London to work with New York artists Graffiti Reaserch Lab to mark the building with light projections. ‘Tate Studio’ is a free event with a vibrant line up of street artists, bands and DJs who will take over the Level 2 Café and other areas of the gallery encouraging young people to experiment with different forms of street art such as projection, drawing and sticker-layering. The event will include a temporary installation by Random International.

Tate Modern presents the work of six internationally acclaimed artists whose work is intricately linked to the urban environment:

Blu from Bologna, Italy; the artist collective Faile from New York, USA; JR from Paris, France; Nunca and Os Gemeos, both from Sao Paulo, Brazil and Sixeart from Barcelona, Spain.!!

The murals will decorate the building for three months from 23 May - painted on protective coating so they can be removed without causing damage.

holy guacamole! Seriously, this is some next level shit. From the auction houses to museums, street art is Everywhere and gettin the respect it deserves...Finally!

If your in london, you have to go to this.. im even thinking about buying a ticket right now, and flying myself over there! Please send me pictures if someone goes to check this!!

Get all the info on TATEs site HERE!

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