Monday, June 30, 2008

Thinkspace: Royals and Crocodiles!


New Work By:
Erik Siador and Jose 'Emroca' Flores

Opening reception: July 11th, 2008
Friday, from 7 pm to 11pm at THINKSPACE in the project room.
LA,Santa Monica Blvd.
Runs 07-11-08 through 08-01-08

Go visit the gallery here!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


An exhibition featuring new paintings and prints
by 15 artists from The Pocket Full Of Monsters Crew:
Angry Woebots, Peekaboo Monster, Mainframe, 2h, Akirophoto,
179, Sua, Phallic Mammary, Tragnark, Mycryptonauts,
Phoneticontrol, Bryan Fedderen,
Aloha Terrorists and Darvin Vida

Limited edition print sets from PFOM
edition of 20/box set of 7 one mystery artist!

Beats by DJ Colby and R-Rated
Check Vinyl Pulse for more info...

Thursday, June 26th. 7-11pm
Munky King
7308 Melrose Ave.
LA, CA 90046





Wednesday, June 25, 2008

ABOVE- video doc. of his trip through South-Central America

ABOVE: SOUTH CENTRAL TOUR (Full Length) from ABOVE on Vimeo.


Carlos Ramos- June 28th at Corey Helford

(Big Elephants) (Big shark Sea Lion)

Carlos Ramos will be exhibiting his recent collection of works, Titled "Natural History Museum part 1" at the Corey Helford Gallery- Opening exhibition June 28th, this Saturday night from
7 to 10 pm. Show is up and running till July 16th.

His big elephants, sunsets and strong colors makes me think of walking in to a Dali-Disney film.- if such a flim existed, i think it would look something like his paintings.

Juxtapoz says, " A series of twenty-four large-scale paintings based on classic grand dioramas and a special installation of skeletal structures will transform the gallery into an epicenter of flora and fauna.

The concept of the exhibition is based on Ramos’ childhood fascination with natural history museums and the “authoritative” impression they made on him growing up. Developing a show around a cohesive theme as well as expanding the size and scale of his work mark an exciting new direction for the artist, which has allowed him to explore environments and characters more freely than in the past. "

Thanks Juxtapoz, and Corey Helford gallery!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Miss Van on the cover of JUXTAPOZ

Local Barcelona resident Miss. Van has just landed on the cover of Juxtapoz with a cover story.
This issue of Juxtapoz is filled with amazing artists so make sure you stop by their website to get a glimpse of all the July issue has to offer.


Big ups Miss. Van!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Interview with MORTEN ANDERSEN

I recently was introduced to a great artist coming out of Denmark, His name is Morten Anderson, and he has mastered the art of layering and abstract design.

1. Where do you live and work?

I'm from Denmark, from up north in the country living in Aalborg City.
Denmark's no. 4 largest city - not that it is large in any way at all.
I work and spend a lotta time in my studio in my apartment which is in
the center of town.
There's really a great energy, noise and feel from the city's environment
going on, so I'm very happy in my workspace..
(113 x 130 2008)
2. What mediums and techniques do you use?

I prefer to paint on canvas with acrylics, sprays, different types of
markers, coal and pens.
Technique wise I use my brushes amongst other tools more for applying the
paint than actually painting certain areas with them.
I build my layers either very thick or stretch them real thin, and next
cut them off around the edges with a cloth fix to have them appear more
graphic than an ordinary painted area by brush would look like.
I try to get in to and understand the volume and the texture of the
colors/ the product itself, - see how they appear when applied in
different extraordinary ways like smeared on, applied with much water,
cloths and what have you, to do something hopefully unseen.

I try to keep an open mind and use what seems the most right when
putting an area of difficult together.
I build a painting off of how and what the composition, as it builds,
tells me to, so because everything is so spontaneous I need a wide scale
of tools and techniques.

The flow, the hand style and appearance of graphics is the most
important, not as important is the fact that it's a painting
as a medium.
Sometimes I can do a painting with almost only markers,
so that's what I try to explain about the term painting as a "painting" is
not the most important.
(makes sense??)

(Evolve strict 124 x 124-2008) (Transformer Steez 106 x 106 2007)

3. When is your most productive hour to work?
I like to get up early, brew my coffee strong and enjoy the
calmness of things.. ease with things for some hours.
That's before on turn on my 1210's and get the vibes bouncing,
I get a good energy from listening to music in my studio.
But of course getting up early is a bit of a problem at times in
weekends right, I like to be out late nights holding beers, heating my
credit card and socializing ;)
But in general, early painting hours and then also in the evening.
Sometimes I paint for 10 minutes and leave, get back to painting for
some minutes, back and forth, do something else.. I can't pull like 5
hours straight in the studio, I'm too unfocused and my mind is too
inconstant for that type of labor.

4. What sizes do you normally work with? You like to paint small or big?
I like to challenge my personal limits when it comes to sizes. I do
whatever I feel like doing size wise. Sometimes I paint big pieces,
sometimes triple horizontal pieces, sometimes really small oblong pieces
and then jump to a 150 x 150 cm square one
for example. Always try to do the opposite of what I just done for a
period to keep evolving my styles to fit all different size canvasses...
At the moment I'm working on some thin plastic to try to peruse an all
transparent look besides some really big canvasses.
Different sizes and different media at times to keep developing.

(Morten in his studio)

5. How did you get started on this path?

Well I have been writing graffiti since 94'
and did that for 10 years and at a time
I just got more into the fine arts,
especially with all this new urban stuff coming
into the art scene off of graffiti.I actually got
kinda bored with graffiti, well let me correct, not the
graffiti it self, but the actual part of packing all
the that stuff up,going here and there to spots, painting
for so many hours to finish the wall the same day and then coming
home late and so..

But still I really love graffiti. It's still a huge influence on me!
I use my graffiti reference all I can in my works, the handstyle
using markers on canvas, the spray for dimension and depth,
the hard
contrasts spray gives you and the composition aspect of
it as well with
all the linework and graphical shapes and more
are interesting.

I've done canvasses the last 4-5 years and the fact that working with
colors for fun let's me meet all these new people, hook up with them and
travel to a lot of cities and do shows and party is really my thing and
I'm very happy about the path it's all going down.
It's very exciting to see and be a part of this movement of contemporary
urban art and follow where it leads to.
Just awesome.

6. In the work that I have seen, you use a lot of colors,
overlaying and
abstract shapes, where does the inspiration
come from to create such
beautifully chaotic paintings?
Well.. you point out quite good yourself in the question what makes up a
painting of mine. The transparent over layering technique is something
I work really hard to peruse and keep developing, cuz it gives such a
deep feel of dimension and space I think.
Plus I can do many different graphic-like looking layers on top of each
other and have all of them sort of appearing at once.
I think i choose (this is not a choice I reckon) to paint like that
because it portrays me as a person and the way I am very good. Like I
mentioned above, I always have a lot of things going on and I'm very
busy, so I think that shows in my paintings well.
I want to show as many things I possibly can in one painting, so there's
a coherence between my inconstant mind and wanting to show everything at
once. Chaos to some.. but I like to think I have it under control.. Haha ;)

My present paintings are actually not that colorful as they might seem,
I normally choose, let's say 2 different shades of green, lots of black
and white, maybe a contrast color to the green and then I use a lot of
marker work to spark it all up and combine the elements.
But you're right, they look like they carry a lot of color, but I tend
to think it's because of all the layering, details and transparency that
they appear like you have noticed.

(Flare Kinetics 124 x 124) (Crips Flakes 118.4 x 123 -2007)

Inspiration for these style paintings..

Hmm, I guess it's more about how I as an individual percept and observe
my society and its surroundings that makes my art come out like it does.
Everybody can view the same objects as me, but only I can transform this
inspiration to my style of paintings,
- that's my character and experiences coming threw transforming to right.
Certain things catch my attention for sure and I would say they are
definitely more of an inspiration than other things cuz I turn to them
again and again.
But a definite form of inspiration... Hard to say.. still everything right!

7. Favorite food? ;)

My mom's a bad ass chef!
Anything from her hands yo ;)

(Sabre 35x 105.5-2008)

MASH UP @ Munky King: June 26th

The Mash Up!! A group show with some of the freshest artists coming out from the west coast.
JUNE 26TH 7 PM!! ( be there!)
New works and prints exhibited by:


All going down at Munky King!!
7308 Melrose ave, LOS ANGELES!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Ray Caesar- the garden of moonlight

One of my favorite artists Ray Caesar will be exhibiting at The Jonathan Levine Gallery on the 28th Of JUNE! Ray's work always surprises me, with his fantasy worlds and beautiful characters, his work makes my hair stand on end.. so thrilling..

Ray Caesar
In the Garden of Moonlight

A Solo Exhibition
Jun 28 thru Jul 26, 2008
Opening reception - Saturday, June 28th 7pm-9pm

Go by and check out more of this work!
Gallery link here!
Artist webpage here!


AT 1988 IN SAN FRAN, CA. A massive
group show is going down, with 44 artists.
So all you Bay area kids you got to go through and check this one.
Opening reception: JUNE 20th,..tonight!!
From 7 pm to 11 pm

Matt Dangler. This guy really has got talent, with only 24 years old he is producing truly skillful works of art. The exhibition is called TREEHOUSE, and opened on the 19th of JUNE.
Its up and running until the JULY 11TH, at the 1988 gallery on Melrose ave. LA!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I love art bastard: nice website

I LOVE ART BASTARD-- a site with interviews, reviews and lots of urban contempoary art &
culture. Make sure you give it a look, its a bit on the commercial side with the carhartt adverts, but hey..its got some good artists and nice stuff. Make sure to check the Interview with Michale Hyp and El Gato Chimney, two of my favorites!


Whats on! ITALY - this week

El Gato Chimney just sent me his newsletter with all the events going down this week in ITALY, so make sure you check the links. The Scala Mercalli site is filled with great images from the last events, along with videos and interviews.

thanks alot El gato Chimney for keeping us all posted on Italy!

Scala Mercalli "2° Scossa"

The biggest show on Street Art ever made in Italy. A trip in to the italian underground culture.
At "Auditorium Parco Della Musica", Sala Auditorium Arte, Viale Pietro de Coubertin 30, Roma, Italy
Opening: Monday 16 June, H: 19.00

"44+1 AutoRItratti"

At "Auditorium Parco Della Musica", Sala Auditorium Arte, Viale Pietro de Coubertin 30, Roma, Italy
Opening: Monday 16 June, H: 19.00

"Il Ritratto nello specchio" (I retract in the mirror)

Art group show with:
108, Angelo, Berse, Giuseppe Collovati, El Gato Chimney, GGT, Maba, Emiliano Rubinacci, Santy, Sea Creative

At "Avantgarden Gallery",Via Cadolini 29, Milano, Italy
Opening: Thursday 19 June H: 18.30

Vaqueros de Barcelona- June 17th!

Diva, Zosen, TvBoy, Borris Hoppek, Ripo, Fragil, Tom14, BToy, Kenor, Pez, Dixon and many more all in one night Painting LIVE right here in Barcelona. This is a night you can not miss if you are in the area.
All the best artists that live in the city are coming out to a huge space right next to the Contemporary art museum, MACBA in a space called HOLALA. Right in the center of all the crazyness this city has to offer.

Calle Valldonzella 4..right up from MACBA.
Time:> 8:00 pm
Ill be there shooting flix, so make sure to stop by next week after the event to catch the photos.

Stay tuned! Summer is here and Barcelona is ready.

Friday, June 13, 2008

New favorite artist! Elbow Toe

Alright, I have to let ya know about my new favorite artists, I Had to snag a print from The black rat press webshop today of his work, as he has been getting some good publicity lately, and really working hard on the streets. He is from Brooklyn, New York, and he is killin it right now!

Make sure you check out his work, and the interview with My love for you is a stampede of horses!! HERE!!

keep up the amazing work Elbow toe--and ill be camping out at my mailbox to receive
your print!!

Chet Zar in London!

Tonight in London at the Strychnin Gallery at 7:00 pm, the exhibition opens with the new works by Chet Zar!

Tomorrow, On Saturday, June 14th, Chet Zar will be signing the "Ugly American" catalogue that accompanies the exhibition at Orbital Comics & Collectibles.

Between 3 and 5 pm, the artist will be at 148 Charing Cross Road in London - the first twenty copies will be given away for free, so come early! See the Orbital website for more details.

Get all the details HERE!

Brandi Miline Book Preview! at 1988

Tonight, In Los Angeles, The 1988 Gallery will be hosting the book preview and art show extravaganza for the talented Brandi Miline. Stop by and pre-order for her upcoming book
SO GOOD FOR LITTLE BUNNIES, and you can even buy some original art.
FRIDAY 13TH, from 7 to 10 PM.

Go on and check it out!
1988 Gallery
7020 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles

Thursday, June 12, 2008

sorry viewers

Sorry have been slacking on the posts lately, I will be back on it full time in a few days, I got
my finals right now, and dont think ive slept more than 2 hours for about a month, Ill be back strong bringing you all the info real soon! Till then, Stay Creative!!

lots of love-

Monday, June 9, 2008

House Paint: Toronto-

HOUSE PAINT! A new project going down in Toronto Canada!



Over the final three days of Luminato, June 13-15, ten simplified houses will be painted live by top Canadian street artists. The houses will be surrounded by fencing partially covered with hundreds of 12x12” painted canvases. These smaller works will be distributed to audience members during the final hours of the festival as souvenirs of the site-specific installation.

ARTISTS FEATURED: live painting!!

june 13th 4pm to 12am
june 14th 11am to 12am
june 15th 11am to 11pm


Friday, June 6, 2008

Saturday! The Haley Collective @ Scion Space!

Scion presents The Haley Collective: a sleepy Californian central coastal town, in 1996 as its members were drawn there for commercial art gigs. The collective formed to manifest collaboration, dialog, and energy that came in the form of art exhibits, murals, projects, and live paint sessions.

Travel & Document!
June 10th-June 28th, 2008

The Haley Collective includes:
Artists: Tanner Goldbeck , JShea 9, Larry Miles, J Rivas, Vanae Mary Rivera

Opening Reception:
Saturday, June 7th 8pm-10pm Most Artists will be in Attendance Los Angeles, CA.

The Scion Installation L.A. Space is located in the Culver City Arts District in a brand new 4500 square foot location.

Scion Installation L.A.
3521 Helms Avenue (at National)
Culver City, CA. 90232
Gallery Hours:
Wed-Sat 11am-6pm and by appointment

Thursday, June 5, 2008

All City Tag The System- Rome ITALY!

Just got some information in the mail from El Gato Chimney's NewsLetter- About a show going down this Saturday in Rome, Italy.

CUSTOM ART SHOW " All City Style Tag The System"
JUNE 07 - 18.30

At " Urban Toyz Shop and Mini Gallery"
Via R.Fiore 40/42, Roma, Italy (Metro - Cipro)
Check out the colorful website HERE.

So if you in Rome.. go spot this one, and shoot some flicks!

Thanks El Gato Chimney (CHECK HIS WORK !!) for keeping me informed on the Italian jump off.

Corpo Nason Gallery with Brandi Milne! Santa Monica,CA

Sorry guys, havent been posting up daily, as I am in the super crunch time with my Thesis presentation so a bit overworked! But not to worry, as I am here to let you in on all the good stuff going down this weekend.

The Copro Nason Gallery has a a few exciting exhibitions on this weekend.
In the main room - the show Kiss of Life will be exhibiting two emerging artists, Nathan Spoor and Dan May.
In gallery 2, the lovely Brandi Milne is presenting her solo show, Wonderland!! Brandi Milne's work has developed so wonderfully in the past few years, and she has truly developed her own original style.
In gallery 3, they are showing the works of Erik Alos, the show is titled Grand Re-Design.

So, this Saturday you must head down to the Copro Nason Gallery in Santa Monica, CA for the opening Reception
From 8 to 11:30.
Get all the Information HERE!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New prints out!

Has now got new prints byDavid Stoupakis and other great surrealist in the Shop section
of their webpage. Go by and check it out, they have alot of nice things in their shop
! Link here!

Flood: Signed & numbered print, edition of 50. 17x33".$325.

Also More prints are just out from the good ol' Yoskay Yamamoto!! Now exclusively at Paper Tiger. Print: Hope and Despair by Yoskay!! 100$

Giclee print on Sommerset velvet archival paper 12" x 12"
This print is from his recent solo show at project:gallery.
Link Here
Check out to see Yamamoto's full show

Monday, June 2, 2008


Just going to shoot out a reminder now, so you start thinking about the SCION SHOW with the OH SO GOOOD HALEY COLLECTIVE!!
Ill post all the information about this MUST SEE event closer to the day, so stay posted!!

Rojo art space Barcelona: June 4th

Marcel.lí Antúnez Roca
Hibridum Bestiarium

04.06.2008 - 04.07.2008

Opening reception: June 4th, in the evening.

Location: ARTSPACE ROJO- Calle Girona 61 Barcelona!!
Hibridum Bestiarium presents for the first time "The Singing Instructor" interactive installation together with a superb amount of new drawings, mounted over a mural intervention that Marcel.lí will paint over the walls of the ®artspace gallery. The vernissage will also see the release of his 240 pages monographic book published by ROJO®

Get all the information on the Rojo art space HERE!