Tuesday, July 8, 2008

COLT 45 limited edition cans

Well its happend, now street art can be seen on beer cans. But at least its COLT 45, on of the most gettho brands of beer ever....no more brown paper bags to cover your beer,,now its decorated with collectible art.

Food One Custom COLT 45 Cans Out Now!!!
Available at a liquor store near you!! (Only in America, Im thinking)
There’s four different limited edition Colt 45 160z beer cans that
designed. Collect ‘um all!
Colt 45 “Ink Your Own Can” Contest!!!
Colt 45’s site is now live and accepting can art
entries from designers, artists, and creatives across
the country. The entry window is from now until Oct
2, 2008. Go to www.talesofcolt45.com for all the


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