Friday, July 18, 2008

Crimes on Canvas: Starts tonight in Las Vegas

CRIMES ON CANVAS, is a huge group show held in Las Vegas, at the Hardrock hotel and Casino. Celebrating the one year anniversary for 944 magazine, M Modern gallery has been asked to curate this show, and tonight the party begins.

With an impressive list of artists in a glamorous setting, this will be an art event that goes down in the books.

A few artists include:
JShea 9, Yoskay Yamamoto, Blain Fontana, Amanda Visell, Buff Monster, Liz Mcgrath, Jason Jackenco, Greg Simkins, David Stoupakis, Dave Pressler, Travis Louie, and so many more it would take me all day to write them all down..

I demand you to go straight to the webpage and check this event out in detail! ;) CLICK HERE!
Friend them at on their MYSPACE.

Opening: friday night july 18th 7pm - midnight

saturday night july 19th 1pm - midnight

ps- If one of you readers do attend this event, please pass me photos! THANKS!

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