Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dirty Hands: the art and crimes of David Choe

Dirty Hands: The art and Crimes of David Choe, produced by Harry Kim.

"I’ve started this whole thing out back in 2000 with Whales And Orgies and by now we’ve got the full story about David Choe. The Adventures of David Choe Dirty Hands begins chronicling David’s life back when he was a starving artist in the year 2000. His skinnier, former self goes about spraying whales, non-sequitur statements, jokes, and random bible verses on the streets. From then until now, this is his journey. Illustrator Barron Storey likens David’s journey to that of a “classic hero going through a series of life’s passages.” After his stint in jail, David gets a taste of fame and success. But as all the dreams of his former self comes true, David’s newly born-again soul must grapple with the temptations that come with it. Everyday, David still struggles to maintain the verve of his art, keep his dedication with God, ignore his sinful impulse, and hold onto the love of his girlfriend without the medications."

Go directly to David Choe's Webpage

Dirty Hands Webpage

Next screening of Dirty Hands is at the San Diego Film Festival, from
October 10th to the 12th, 2008. Make sure if your in the area you dont miss this!
There are also t-shirts, posters, and Dirty hands sanitizer for your pleasure.

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