Monday, July 21, 2008

Grenade Art Collective

I recently received an email from the creative people with the Grenade Art collective.
"Grenade Art is a London based Contemporary Urban Art Collective, focusing on bringing together Innovative designers, illustrators, sculptors and painters from around the world.
The Collective brings all of its artists together three times a year for themed, large scale, one off group shows. As well as these larger group shows, the Grenade Art Gallery produces solo shows and smaller group shows for the Collective and it’s friends. These shows take place on a monthly rotation throughout The year.

The collective includes:

All the artists in the collective share a common heritage that has seen them actively involved in Various global Graffiti subcultures. Although the members of this group share a common background They have all evolved their creative work into different and unique directions that push the boundaries Of traditional street art. The Collective is based in London, but contributing artists come from the U.S, Japan, France and the UK.

Right now they have a solo exhibition on with artist Alex Young titled Exhibitionism.
" EXHIBITIONISM by Alex Young is a debut solo show based on alter egos and preconceptions. This is the second exhibition to take place at Grenade Art, the new gallery space for the urban art collective which launched in June, and runs from 16 July to 12 August. "

Make sure you stop by their web page, as I truly enjoyed going through the shows and different artists they are working with. Since May of this year they have been officially running the Grenade art gallery, which has now given this great collective a space to exhibit and expand so keep your eyes and ears open for more on Grenade art in the near future!

GO Here!
212 Kensington Park Road
Notting Hill Gate
W11 1NR

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