Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Jet Set Graffiti- SABER! print release!

A short video was just released on Jetsetgraffiti.com with ledgend LA graffiti writer SABER.
Shows him painting live on top of a billboard in LA, with his words of wisdom about the Contemporary Street art world.

Also, the release of the first ever SABER graffiti print, KRUNCH TIME, as in SABERS own words " One of the first true pieces to have ever been screen printed...EVER!" This print is exclusively through JETSET and will be sold starting JULY 3RD~! 10 color print, with only 50 released! So you better get yours quick as this will most likely sell out in the first hour!

GET THE INFO! www.jetsetgraffiti.com


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Beware of Jet-Set Graffiti! He will steal your money.

Anonymous said...

Danial Lahoda DBA Jet Set Graffiti, fresh off stealing test prints from Shepard Fairey has just ripped off the good folks from KRUNK. He is scammer and should be avoided.

Jason Azuma said...

I just ordered the latest Ernesto Yerena print from JetSet Graffiti a couple weeks ago. I received it last week (it's awesome) along with a free Camo Clown Boy Poster...

I think this company is great. I have had a great experience with them. I mean, who gives away FREE stuff anymore!