Thursday, July 24, 2008

No Parachute Required! Toronto!

Tonight, Thursday in Toronto!
We're calling it "No Parachute Required". The artists involved are: Greg Hill, Alexei Vella, Mike Byers, Christina Ung, Kyung Soon Park, and Rey Ortega. They have all been working crazy hard to make sure it'll be a great time. Its a strong list of emerging artists, so this show will truly be a fresh look in to what the contemporary artists are in to on the up side.

Opening reception is Tonight, Thursday the 24th at 1313 Gallery in Toronto, Canada. Starting from 8:00 pm.

The exhibition will be up until the 3rd of August, so if you in the area make sure to go in and check it out.

1313 Gallery
1313 Queen Street West

Thanks alot Rey for the update! Viewers, make sure you visit Rays website to get a sneak preview for what your in for tonight.

rey ortega illustration

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