Friday, July 18, 2008

TATE street art talks: With Wooster Collective

Tonight, Friday the 18th of July: London

Tonight, Wooster Collective will speak about Street art Today on a a global perspective, at the TATE Modern in London. Wooster will present a slide show and hold a detailed talk about street art in our contemporary world.

The upcoming talks are:

July 25th: Collecting Street art (presented by Pure Evil, JJ Charlesworth)
August 1st: The history of Graffiti and Street art ( presented by Blek le rat, Rough)
August 8th: Street art Around the world ( Tristen Manco, Rafael Schacter)
August 15th: Graffiti, Utopia or a bit boring? (Ben Lewis,Ossian Viard)

So as the looks of it, if you attend all of the Tate Talks, you can walk out of there with a certificate in graffiti and street art.. never thought it would be so easy. Overall its great that people have the opportunity to meet and greet with some amazing artists and influential people, along with becoming well informed about this non stop growing movement.

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