Monday, July 14, 2008

URBAN AFFAIRS Berlin! July 5to to Aug. 3rd: International Urban art

The art festival URBAN AFFAIRS is pleased to announce a large-scale exhibition featuring current positions of Contemporary Urban Art and Street Art from July 5th to August 3rd in Berlin- the global epicenter of this international art movement. Forty-two artists from nine countries, all major players in the Urban Art genre, have been invited for a three-day residency at The Friedrichshoehe, a new cultural center in Berlin-Friedrichshain. Located in a postindustrial building, this 900 sq. meter exhibition space is the ideal location for the largest and most comprehensive Urban Art exhibition in Germany to date.

Whether screens, murals, sculptures or installations, Street Art has a fascinating wealth of forms that reveal a wide array of positions, all rooted in the concept of Urban Art and influenced by avant-garde movements such as Fluxus, Pop Art and Conceptual Art. URBAN AFFAIRS will reflect actual developments in the movement and uncover new artistic intersections along with the participating artists.

Saturday 5 July 2008
Sunday 3 August 2008

/// URBAN AFFAIRS - Streetart Berlin 2008 ///
/// 05.07. - 03.08.2008 ///

Visit the WEBPAGE for all the information!
Go through the long list of artists and check them out individually, the
webpage is pretty well organized and has alot of great information to look through.

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