Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fresh Faces: Project Gallery does it again.

(Yuta Onoda)(Nimit Malavia)

Los Angeles, CA - project:gallery is excited to bring the Canadian quartet of Nimit Malavia, Yuta Onoda, Dominique Fung and Martha Chan to Los Angeles for their first large scale exhibition. Each has sold out work in recent group shows, but now showcase their largest bodies of work to date. All four emerging artists work are being eagerly anticipated by collectors - before each artist launches with larger shows next year in Seattle, Toronto, San Francisco, Philadelphia, San Diego and NY.

Project Gallery is recognized for bringing forward some of the most cutting edge talent, project's first "fresh faces" show in 2007 gave you Edwin Ushiro, Nate Frizzell, Rebecca Urias and Derek Albeck.

Fresh Faces includes artists:
Nimit Malavia
Dominique Fung
Yuta Onoda
and Martha Chan

artist reception: saturday september 6th 2008 7-10pFor preview information please contact the gallery.

Pocket Full of Monsters Family Video!

Pocket Fam from LocalFamilia on Vimeo.

What a family! The pocket full of monsters have created a great short video that allows all of us fans an insiders look in to just how creative, fun and truly joyful a crew they are! The family includes Angry Woebots, Peekaboo monster, 2H, Akirophoto, Mainframe, 179, Sua, Tragnark, Darvin Vida, Mycryptonauts, Phoneticontrol, Aloha Terrorists, Phallicmammary, Bryan Fedderen, Mo Radke. Big Ups PFOM!!

See more from the PFOM on their myspace:

Gallery Mittwoch: 8 galleries 1 huge building: Berlin

The Friedrichshoehe, Berlins newest culture center located within the remains of a former brewery, will host Gallery Mittwoch x2, a group of 8 galleries spread across the building, in a range of unique exhibition halls and project spaces. Over 1500 square meters of exhibition space will open to the public, with works ranging from conceptual intellectual to raw aesthetics along with a few classical pieces. Expressed in every medium across the range of art making practices encompassing photography, installation, painting, drawing, sculpture and performance. This group of young international gallerists, curators and artists have converged on the location to create their alternative vision for the art scene of Berlin, the nostalgic heritage of New York’s factory and the Bauhaus never far from thought.
Gallery Mittwoch x2
8x Galleries 1x Building
Vernissage September 3rd
7pm – 11pm

September 4th – October 4th
only Wednesday & Saturday
2pm – 2am

Landsberger Allee 54
10249 Berlin

Alex Pardee in person at Upper Playground S.F

llustrator Alex Pardee will be signing his new skate deck and advance copies of his book titled “Awful | Homesick" on Sun., September 7, 2008 at Upper Playground’s flagship store in San Francisco.

Alex Pardee’s unique artistic style draws upon influences ranging from horror films to graffiti. His work has been described as representing a circus sideshow cemetery, combining random shapes and colors with torment and absurdity.

For more information on Alex Pardee, please visit:

Sunday, September 7, 2008 from 24 pm

Upper Playground
220 Fillmore St. (at Haight St.)
San Francisco, CA
Phone: 415-861-1960

Last Rites Gallery: Sep 6th

Saturday, September 6th, 7-11pm

Last Rites Gallery & Andrew Michael Ford present...

Last Rites Gallery and guest curator Andrew Michael Ford (director of Ad Hoc Art, curator of Deep Pop) have decided to find out what several of today's brightest art stars are capable of when asked to create ONE piece of what could be considered truly 'dark art'. Many artists find themselves in a nice groove of creating a certain mood or emotion through their work and have, understandably, become quite comfortable following this path in their art-making. We were curious, however, what would happen if things were to get a little uncomfortable, as the artists challenged themselves to search through new or buried feelings and emotions, the kind which might find their place on the 'darker' side of the artistic spectrum. With that in mind, Last Rites Gallery and guest curator Andrew Michael Ford proudly present "Dark Pop": A collection of truly 'dark art' from an incredibly talented and diverse group of artists who would normally never get anywhere near this stuff! The results, we believe, are nothing short of astounding!

Participating artists include:
Ron English, Gary Taxali, Isabel Samaras, Esao Andrews, Kozyndan, Sarah Joncas, Camilla d'Errico, Lisa Alisa, Gaia, Chris Stain, D'holbachie, Jeff McMillan, Tessar Lo, Gilbert Oh, Pagan, Peripheral Media Projects, Nicole Steen, Imminent Disaster, David MacDowell, The Dirty Fabulous, Connie Wang, Jaeran Won, Ewelina Ferruso and more!
Exhibit runs September 6th through October 11th, 2008
For more information, visit:

Last Rites Gallery is located at 511 W. 33rd Street, NYC
Telephone: (212)529.0666

Thursday, August 28, 2008

NEXT: A primer on Urban Painting: Italy

“NEXT: A Primer on Urban Painting” is a documentary exploration of graffiti-based visual art as a world culture.
Produced by Pablo Aravena

The filmmaker profiles the art form in nine countries including USA, Canada, France, Holland, Germany, England, Spain, Japan and Brazil.
A combination of “vérité” moments and interviews with painters, “writers”, designers, documentarians and other participants within the subculture, the film conveys the dynamism and creative energy of this significant emerging artistic movement.


The screening of the film will be on September 5th 2008 at 6.00 p.m. in Bassano del Grappa Civic Museum.

The film will be screening during the weekend of Infart Collective exhibtion, which includes more than 80 artists. The webpage is all in Italian, but if your in the area make sure you stop by the Bassano Del Grappa Civic center to get all the information.

September 5,6,7th in ITALY!

Go here to the webpage!

Sticker Bomb! Out now!

StickerBomb is the first fully peelable stickerbook containing over 250 stickers designed by the hottest artists, illustrators and writers that the SRK have selected from around the world.
Buy Stickerbomb on Amazon Here
Find out more on SRK and all the products they offer HERE! the

Manifest Hope Gallery Exhibition in Denver!

Its just truly an amazing time. So many artists and young people are getting involved with this election, the hard work and effort that many urban artist have put in to this is revolutionary. There are obama posters and stickers decorating cites, themed exhibitions and creative t-shirts being made. Everyone seems to be doing their part, to really kick it all off was the Manifest Hope Gallery in Denver, where this past week they had a 100% politically themed exhibition opening for the Democratic National Convention.
Go here!

See all the images from the show Here at Joy

Tanner Goldbeck: Racecar 13 : New website

Tanner : Racecar 13 has just launched his new website, where you can find everything from his digital work to his 9-5 jobs to paintings and photogrpahy, showing an in depth view of just how talented the Mr. Goldbeck really is. To find out more about Tanner you can also scroll down a bit to find an exclusive interview Tanner and I did a few weeks back. (Interview titled: IN DEEP exclusive interview with Tanner Goldbeck, so go find it and read up on him!)

Go here, directly to his new rockin site!

ZOSO: first solo show in LA @ Munky King!

ZOSO!! Is having his first solo show in Los Angeles at the Munky King shop and gallery
on Melrose. The show is titled" No Rest for the Weary" and will feature a collection of sculptures, paintings and prints by ZOSO! The preview is up and available for purchase, so get yours while its still available. Go Here to see the works!

Opening reception: August 28th from 7-11 pm!
Visit ZOSO!
Visit Munky King! (Thanks zuri!)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Daydream network: UK

Above prints :(will barris) (zach johnson) (alex young)

The Daydream Network has just launhed a new online store that showcases an array of creative offerings from across the globe, including original artwork, clothing, prints and much more.

What is the Daydream network??

An innovative and constantly evolving platform for art, design, fashion, music, creative writing, photography and forward thinking;
developed in 2006 in the London. The Network reflects the world around us, a direct source of styles and ideas from grass roots creative culture. The Network connects ideas and resources, opening doors and providing for the talent of tomorrow.
Daydream is our seasonal publication, 80 pages of artwork, poetry, photography and free thinking. We are now on our 4th edition and stocked across the globe in bookshops, boutiques, museums and galleries.
Once you have joined the network you can contribute to the next edition of Daydream and be a part of up and coming Daydream events, exhibitions and all our creative endeavours.
Everyone is go now, and sign up..and start designing your own page to be featured in the next edition.

Find out more about the Daydream network and all that they are doing right here on their webpage:Go HERE!.

I am .. Therefore I think- Portland, Or : 08- 28th

"I Am, Therefore I Think 2" at the Goodfoot. It's part illustrative memoir, part social commentary. The work displays imagery any were from praying to beer to genetic engineering. There are around 60 artists with over 200 works, and a varied of mediums (etching, painting, mixed media, photography, etc).

Opens Last Thursday, Aug 28th from 5-11pm, show up until Sept 22.

Artists: Anna Todaro, Bec Young, Casey Rae Wickum, Charlie Alan Kraft, Chris Haberman, Chris Stain, Colin Matthes, Dan McCarthy, Dan Ness, Derek Olsen, Dylan Miner, EMEK , Erik Ruin, Guy Burwell, Icky A., Jason Brown, Jennifer Mercede, Jeremy Schutlz, Jesse Reno, Joe Shea, Josh MacPhee, Justin Hampton, Keith Rosson, Klutch , Kristine Virsis, Lana Guerra, Larry Cyr, Lee Zeman, Leia Bell, Luke Dolkas, Mario Robert, Mark McCormick, Mary Tremonte, Meredith Stern, Nicolas Lampert, Pete Yahnke, Roger Peet, Shane DeLeon, Swoon , Tripper, Dungan

the goodfoot
2845 se stark
portland , or 97214

Monday, August 25, 2008

Scott Belcastro: The Dear Tracks

The Deer Tracks "Slow Collision" from Stephen Schuster on Vimeo.

The Dear Tracks

" "Slow Collision" is such a beautiful ambient track with vocals that seem to touch that inner child within all of us. You close your eyes and feel as if you are floating through beautiful forests and lush landscapes. The video is a young boys journey from his house to the outer edges of "civilization". Star filled skies, forests of birch trees with rich colorful palettes that fill the screen. Moments of thought and introspection contrasted with exploration and curiosity. The boy finds a guide along the way that eventually brings him home.
Thanks to my friend Stephen schuster for all the work he put into this video."

This video is truly amazing, such a beautiful way to bring Scott's work to life. While watching it, all my worries drifted away .Nice works!!
See more of Scott Belcastros work Here on his Blog, or visit Project Gallery.

Friday, August 22, 2008

New website: Jim Mahfood

The fantastic Jim Mahfood has launched his new website. So stop by, give him a visit and a haller.

Jim is also taking a trip up to Alaska to be a guest speaker and will be appearing on Thursday night at the Student Union Gallery. On top of that, An interview with Jim will be posted right here, exclusive to Hunt & Gather coming in the next week.

Stay Tuned.

Go visit Jim Mahfood HERE!

David Choe & Barack Obama Prints by Upper Playground

Fine artist David Choe is the latest artist to partner with Upper Playground to produce Barack Obama prints. David Choe’s Barack Obama poster is part of an ongoing series from Upper Playground of artist collaborations in support of Barack Obama's presidential campaign. Upper Playground has endorsed Obama's campaign by creating posters featuring artwork from Grotesk, The Date Farmers, Munk One, Ron English, Alex Pardee, Morning Breath, Mac, Sam Flores and Mear One, in addition to printing T-shirts with Shepard Fairey's Obama graphics to help support the campaign.

There were 200 prints made that are signed and numbered, and each poster retails for $200. The limited-edition 18"X24" print is available exclusively online. ( and are already sold out!!)

David Choe will also be at the Democratic National Convention and participating in the Manifest Hope project. Very, very cool. He had this to say about his art and involvement:

"I’m just an artist. All I do is paint pretty pictures, and sometimes when I go someplace and the Asian kids recognize me they project all their hopes and dreams on me like I was the next coming of Bruce Lee, like I’m a role model, and I start to get stressed out. I’m just an artist.

Obama might soon be the most powerful man in the world. That’s heavy. I’m not really a political person, but our country is in such a mess, and if Obama gets elected next, I can’t even believe the pressure this guys gonna be under. He’s gotta carry the weight of the world on his shoulders and lead the entire nation. Millions will look up to him, while others will look down on him under close scrutiny. This society we live in just waits for people to fall, so they can point and laugh at our imperfections on late night TV.

So I was looking at this newspaper of a profile of Obama’s head, and looking at a globe in my room, and I was thinking of an atlas kind of image with Obama carrying the world on his shoulders. He’s gonna have to become like a superhero to get us through this, but this battle is not so much physical in that it’s more mental. It was late at night and my eyes were getting kind of blurry and I noticed Florida all the way to the bottom tip of Texas on my globe – looked like they followed Obama’s hairline on his side profile. I sketched out Obama on the computer and put a map of the U.S. around his head, and it fit perfectly. America with all its ills and beauty, with all its economic, racial, religious, and political problems weighing heavy on Obama’s mind, but for the first time, in a very long time, there seems like there’s hope."

- David Choe

Upper Playground Here!
More here on Toy Cyte

I am 8 bit - Paper Tiger prints!

Scott Belcastro > Scott C.

Paper Tiger becomes the home for "I am 8-bit." For the fourth installment of the video game art show, you can find selected prints exclusively on Paper Tiger! Prints from artists like Scott C., Joe Ledbetter and more coming soon...
Prints are 100$

Scott Belcastro:
Limited Edition 1/50
Archival prints 12" x 12"
Signed and numbered
Artist Scott Belcastro gives us his take on the Legend of Zelda, for the 4th installment of the "i am 8-bit" exhibition.

Scott C. :
Limited Edition Set 1/30
(set includes all five 5"x 3" mini prints)
Signed and numbered
Artist Scott C gives us his “Great Showdowns (of the 8Bit Era)” series, for the 4th installment of the "i am 8-bit" exhibition.

Go now to A paper Tiger! HERE!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Buff Monster: The Sweetest Thing

The Corey Helford gallery is proud to present a new body of work from Buff Monster. All of the paintings are on custom birch panels with Buff Monster’s trademark imagery in superflat style.
The show, "The Sweetest Thing" will be opening this Saturday the 23rd. Make sure you get there early to beat the crowd. Open from 7 to 10 pm.

Visit the Corey Helford website to get all the details. HERE!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hard at Work: Scott Radke and his new owls

Scott Radke has just finished a new series of his wonderful world of creatures, this time its OWLS. Go by his webpage to see all the newest works from Scott and his vast imagination and family of friends.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hard at Work: Royal / Dixon

Artist Royal/Dixon is hard at work in Barcelona preparing for his next show. Here are just some preview pics of him in action and what he is producing at the moment. If your not yet familiar with his work, take some time out to discover it. Its well worth it.

Thanks J.C.N for the pictures!


I am 8 bit's Big Success!!!

What a successful show! The i am 8 bit show was HUGE! Head Curator Jon Gibson and assistant Derek Puelston created a show that had hundreads of people packing in, and a line going down the block of both Hollywood blvd and Chrokee. All the press and many artists arirved early for interviews and photos, by 8 the place was packed. With more than 1000 cans of Colt 45, and the best window display ever- including topless girls playing video games and hanging controlers decorating the walls- IT was all out the best and biggest art show to hit Hollywood. Every aspect of the event was in video game theme. I personally got the honor to be the art dealer for the night, running from buyers to paintings to the credit card machine, I must say not only was it the biggest art show but one of the most successful. The art work was going fast, and so was the alcohol. With hundreds of smiling faces and hundreds of pieces of art- it was truly a kick ass great art show.

Around 6 kids showed up who were lucky finders of the LA free art campaign done by Andy and his lovely wife Inga,(meaning there are still many free art pieces hanging around the city) Hours before the event the JET SET graffiti crew came down to post up some Ron English posters on the outside wall. Many artist were in attendance and the vibe was rocking.

Go by the World of Wonder Gallery to see all the work in person. This is a must not miss show!