Sunday, August 17, 2008

I am 8 bit's Big Success!!!

What a successful show! The i am 8 bit show was HUGE! Head Curator Jon Gibson and assistant Derek Puelston created a show that had hundreads of people packing in, and a line going down the block of both Hollywood blvd and Chrokee. All the press and many artists arirved early for interviews and photos, by 8 the place was packed. With more than 1000 cans of Colt 45, and the best window display ever- including topless girls playing video games and hanging controlers decorating the walls- IT was all out the best and biggest art show to hit Hollywood. Every aspect of the event was in video game theme. I personally got the honor to be the art dealer for the night, running from buyers to paintings to the credit card machine, I must say not only was it the biggest art show but one of the most successful. The art work was going fast, and so was the alcohol. With hundreds of smiling faces and hundreds of pieces of art- it was truly a kick ass great art show.

Around 6 kids showed up who were lucky finders of the LA free art campaign done by Andy and his lovely wife Inga,(meaning there are still many free art pieces hanging around the city) Hours before the event the JET SET graffiti crew came down to post up some Ron English posters on the outside wall. Many artist were in attendance and the vibe was rocking.

Go by the World of Wonder Gallery to see all the work in person. This is a must not miss show!

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