Monday, August 4, 2008

Images from Giant Robots Show at Scion Space

In conjunction with Giant Robot, Scion presents Insiders, Outsiders, & the Middle at its 4,500 square foot Installation L.A. Gallery. At Giant Robot, the definition of art ranges from straight contemporary painting to sculpted figures (which were considered action figures just a few years ago). This exhibition celebrates not the disparate mediums, but the divergent mindsets of artists—as well as the gray areas.

Although there is no obvious correlation between the artists, they form a powerful cross-section of creative forces that are physically active with their art. They belie the image of the stationary artist and pose the question of how they will co-exist in a restrained gallery setting. The opening reception was Saturday, sorry for all those that missed it.

Scion Space Presents: Insiders, Outsiders, & the Middle

August 2 - August 23, 2008 (go by and see this show, you still got time)

Curated by: Giant Robot

Original work by: Noriko Ashino, Nao Harada, Space Invader, Adrian Johnson, Kami, Ed Trask, Shinya Yamamoto, ZariganiWorks

Scion Installation L.A.
3521 Helms Avenue (at National)
Culver City, CA. 90232

Visit the SCION Space HERE!

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