Friday, August 8, 2008

Joe Ledbetter sketch book coming soon from NERDCORE!

A wise man once said, “Looking through an artist’s sketchbook is like seeing that artist naked.” With this brand-new series of hardcover books, Nerdcore is proud to undress some of pop art’s most daring and original creators, beginning with Joe Ledbetter ’s Sketchbook. Like never before, fans will be welcomed into the creative process, warts and all. Each of the 184 pages in this volume was hand-selected by Mr. Ledbetter from various personal sketchbooks, dating back to 2003 when his now-iconic characters like Mr. Bunny were barely-recognizable scribbles. You’ll be treated to character design experiments for creatures that never were, doodles for vinyl toys that still aren’t, concepts for paintings that already are, and plenty of surprise smudges just because we can. It’s a new kind of artistic intimacy.

184 PAGES, hardcover. 7.25 by 10. 25$ Preorder
100 hand silk-screened, signed and numbered 6x8 inch prints will be randomly inserted into pre-orders. These prints are an online exclusive and only available for customers who pre-order before September 1, 2008. Not to be missed!

And place your pre-order for the Joe Ledbetters sketch book.

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