Saturday, August 2, 2008

My brother is killin it! John Ziegler art work- all original & hand drawn.

Art by John Ziegler
Graphite on bristol board.

John Ziegler happends to be my big brother, who as you can see is an artist, for many years in fact he has worked hard to master the art of bedroom art. Starting off in the graffiti area back in the early 90s he soon moved on to working with graphic design and illustration. Now working as a full time graphic and web page designer, he spends his nights making hand made t-shirts and a paintings that tend to remain in his yeah, hes a closet artist. but super fresh and im trying to get him out. So all you check out his many websites.. and hey, if you need a web designer,, hit him up, 10% off with this mention..:) - web page designer - all original hand drawn works -Chicano art and accessories.

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