Monday, August 25, 2008

Scott Belcastro: The Dear Tracks

The Deer Tracks "Slow Collision" from Stephen Schuster on Vimeo.

The Dear Tracks

" "Slow Collision" is such a beautiful ambient track with vocals that seem to touch that inner child within all of us. You close your eyes and feel as if you are floating through beautiful forests and lush landscapes. The video is a young boys journey from his house to the outer edges of "civilization". Star filled skies, forests of birch trees with rich colorful palettes that fill the screen. Moments of thought and introspection contrasted with exploration and curiosity. The boy finds a guide along the way that eventually brings him home.
Thanks to my friend Stephen schuster for all the work he put into this video."

This video is truly amazing, such a beautiful way to bring Scott's work to life. While watching it, all my worries drifted away .Nice works!!
See more of Scott Belcastros work Here on his Blog, or visit Project Gallery.

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