Sunday, August 3, 2008

Show stoppers! Miss Van and Victor Castillo

Recently - the exhibition at the Mary Karnowsky Gallery in Berlin, Miss Van and Victor Castillo, two Barcelona residents teamed up and created Canto Negro y Brujerias.
Miss Van included some 3d instalation work, with tangeld hair, closed doll eyes and a circle of wolf heads, she has brought her paintings to life. (I personally hope to see more of this 3d side of her works in the future!) The combination of Miss Vans beautifully mysterious girls with Victor Castillo's sausage nosed devilish characters, the show was truly one in which would make your skin crawl and your heart ache for more.

Go to the MK GALLERY website Here to view the entire show, Im positive you will not be disappointed.

The show is up until the 23rd of August.

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