Monday, September 29, 2008

Bwana Spoons in Paris

Bwawa Spoons (Grass Hut) recently took a little trip over to Europe to exhibit at the Artoyz gallery in Paris, France, making it his first art show in the EU!. The exhibition was titled Hunt & Gather, I see the phrase is popular.(I had nothing to do with this show, just a little coincidence ;)

The show was truly a colorful mix of paintings and different versions of his Mr. Globbys. He displayed other characters such as customed Rainbowasaurus, Killers, Globbys, Booskas, and Jelly Factory.

The exhibition was at
Artoyz Paris on Thursday September 25th from 7pm (exhibits thru November 2nd, 2008)

So stop by the web to see some more pictures of the event. Or go here to GRASS HUT!

Nate Frizzell and Infectious car art collaboration

Los Angeles based artist Nate Frizzell, represented by Project gallery has recently
collaborated with The Infectious Car art project, and the outcome is stunning.

See more on Nate here on these sites:

Infectious car art has done collaborations with artists such as Dalek, Blaine Fontana, COOP, Buff Monster, Tara Mcpherson and many more. For all you art lovers that want to cover everything you own with some type of artist print or design, these are they type of big toys you dream of.

Dream a bit, check them out.

Red Forest- Thinkspace gallery

The long awaited show with Ekundayo and KMNDZ, titled RED FOREST is coming up very soon at Thinkspace Gallery!

October 10 will be the date to mark down in your calender if your in the LA area. I would recommend to get there early, as a line will be forming around the block for sure.

Please please~~ if someone with a camera goes, let me know I would love to post some images up!!

See more preview pictures here!

JShea 9: Solo show in Santa Barbara

This past weekend, JShea 9 had his first solo show this year at Art From Scrap Gallery in Santa Barbara, The title of the show is 'american folk' and its inspired by a recent cross-country trip he took this year.

See more of JSHEA9 Work :

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Exclusive Interview with Edwin Ushiro

Edwin Ushiro is such a character; he is absolutely hilarious and always has something to say to lighten any mood or to spark up a conversation. Edwin was born and raised in Maui, Hawaii. Which is responsible for his relaxed attitude and calming presence. Edwin moved to Pasadena to attend the Arts Center College of design and from there he moved directly to Culver City. Calling it his home for the past 5 years, he happily states he lives just seven minutes walking distance to Project Gallery.

TZ: So Edwin, How did your path in arts start? When did you first start painting?
Edwin:My Mom taught me how to draw when I was a kid. I was fascinated by the process of using an abstract line and watching it converge to create a recognizable image. It was so unreal. Painting wise, I am a late bloomer. I started painting in art school. (right: Since time only meant we were growing up and falling apart together)

TZ: How do you feel here in La?
Edwin: I have lived in Culver city for 5 years and I still feel like I’m new here, mainly because the whole culture here is so different then in Maui, back home everyone is so chilled and relaxed and here everyone is really stressed and worried.

TZ: What fascinates you Edwin? What inspires you?
Edwin: I’m fascinated about possibilities, I have really bad vision and sometimes I look at something from far away and I’ll think its something else, and when I come close to it I realize it’s not what I thought I saw at all. My memory has to fill in those gaps because I can’t really figure out what it is, and it turns out looking like something more interesting than it is.

TZ: Can you give us an example?
Edwin: Like driving at night, I’ll pass some trees that are lined up on the street and if I drive by two fast, my eyes will see tall guys with like these rimed caps, all covering their faces. Realistically I know they are not there, but it’s a really cool image that my imagination has created. My mind just fills in the gaps.

My fascination is that the world is more interesting than you can see sometimes. Also childhood, all the memories you have from growing up, those really influence me.

TZ: How do you feel about the communication between yourself as an artist and the viewer? Do you paint to communication with your viewers?
Edwin: No, I don’t think so. It’s a weird intimate thing, painting is something really personal to me, but in the end I don’t give a shit what other people think.

TZ: So you truly are an artist that just expresses your own thoughts or memories, with out thinking about what the viewer might think?
Edwin: Well for me I’m almost trying to look back in time and take that picture I never got to take and put it on a canvas. Whatever the audience takes that’s their thing; because you as an artist already get what you want from the painting.

Communicating through my paintings is more like to explain something, It’s like when you are trying to express something in a conversation with someone, and you can’t get your point across so you sketch it out for them. and then there is this “oh Yeah” moment, “I get it”. That’s what I want to do with my work. This mutual understanding.
There is just so much left for interpretation.

TZ: Can you name three artists that have really inspired you, or influenced your work?
Edwin: umm…I got it, there are 3 people that helped me get to where I am today.
First is my high school art teacher, Janet Sato. Second is Dr. Glen Grant, we would win all these awards in high school and he would fly us out from Maui to Awahoo. We would go to see Dr. Glen Grant the night before the award ceremony; and he would give these ghost tours. He taught us about how much more we would understand the ghost stories if we researched them a bit, so I took that way of thinking, and now I go really deep in to things, and just dissect them. To get to the roots of it. I’m also fascinated by ghost stories. (Right:recorded with out any insecurity)

TZ: That’s two inspirations, anyone else?
Edwin: I don’t know, I guess it hasn’t happened yet.

TZ: How do you develop a piece, how does your creation start?
Edwin: It comes like a flash of light, I just get this feeling and I am compelled to pull that image I saw and bring it to this world. That’s how it starts, from the inside. I don’t know how it happens, I just see it. And it compels me enough to make it a standing vision in front of me.

TZ: Do have a hard time sleeping? Too many ideas going on in your head?
Edwin: Yeah, but what has helped me is I started sleeping with a sketch book by my bed, I don’t even look at the paper, ill just wake up and sketch it out. Right there in the dark. Just to get it out of my head.

TZ: So how did you get involved with the Project team and start working with Beau?
Edwin: I went to see Project gallery at the old space in Venice, but it wasn’t until Project moved to Culver city, till Beau asked me to be part of the 4 person show, called “Youthful Discretion.” After that show, I had a solo show at Nucleus and I guess that show did well enough that I could be a good investment for Project: Gallery, so I just did a solo show with Project last month.

(above left: gradually everything would sparkle from the sea to the stars)

TZ: How did your first solo show go? How does it feel to be doing solo shows?
Edwin:My first solo show went way better than the gallery owner and I ever expected. I just created drawings and paintings that I would love to hang in my room. Never really intending for people to buy them. They just happen to sell out. How does it feel doing solo shows? I’m not quite that experienced in it. But I can say that it’s pretty awesome to have a gallery that has enough faith in your artwork to dedicate a show just to you.

TZ: When is your most creative hour to paint?
Edwin: Anytime after midnight. Although, I am in a bit of a conundrum. I am a morning person too. Most of my ideas occur during sleep or just in daydreams. When painting, I do take more risks and run into happy accidents in the wee hours of the night.

TZ: Do you have a preference of a size to work on?
Edwin: For me I just get into the zone, and forget where I am and what I’m doing.. no.. I guess don’t really have a favorite size to paint.

TZ: What are you future objectives or personal goals?
Edwin: To just keep creating, looking for that next thing. I have always been more film oriented, so my personal life goals.. yeah they might not fit in this interview. But basically just to keep my eyes open and see what comes.

(left:No matter where she stood the light would brighten around her)

For more information on Edwin Ushiro please visit his website, keep your eyes peeled for more shows from Edwin, including his up and coming trips to Europe!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Atticus gallery in Barcelona presents ROYAL FLUSH!!!

NEXT FRIDAY in Barcelona, Spain, there is only one place you need to be and thats at the opening night of Royal Flush, a group exhibition featuring the works of 4 artists from 3 countries.
Morten Andersen( Denmark), Aro (Germany) Keld ( Denmark) and Mike Hyp (America) will be presenting their newest works.

All going down on October 3rd, 2008
From 8:30 pm to 11:30 pm -- party!!
Atticus Gallery is located on Calle Lledo, 10 in Barcelona, Spain

The show will be up until the 1st of November! For preview and sales please contact the gallery!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Videos from Zune Arts

I was passed this webpage from a friend, Zune Arts is an platform for video artists and musicians, a place where artists, bands, and video producers get together and make great short videos for your entertainment. Take some time out of your busy take and enjoy a few of these humorous videos.

This video which really caught my eye:, titled MOODBOT, by Rob Shaw and music by bittersweet.

Visit Zune arts now:

T MAGIC: loaded with meaning: London

TMAGIC - "Loaded with meaning"
Show opens with more than 40 works of art by T.MAGIC.

September 26th - October 5th

The Loading Bay Gallery, Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL

Nearest tube stations: Liverpool Street Station or Aldgate East
For a full info and to visit his site click here.

Royal/Dixon at Holala Space in Barcelona

"IN my quest to understand "the capitalist", I've taken on an intense,
time consuming project.
This meditation of sorts comes from the act of dissecting a suit.
Pants and jacket of the power suit kind.
The idea is to take the suit apart and pin all the panels on the wall
at the gallery (as you can see) so as to expose the capitalist.
Nothing hidden, no place to hide....transparency!"


We love this guys work! Here are some pictures of Royal/Dixon's newest works, presented last week his solo exhibiton at Holala space in Barcelona. So much color and intense detail goes in to his paintings, he told us that through this new collection he has been experimenting with depth and dimensions, brighter color combinations and the theme of destruction and re-growth . His work is very well priced, so if your interested in any of it, make sure you contact him.
See more of Dixon's work on his many webpages:

Last Night opening of IGNORANCIA at Atticus Gallery in Barcelona

Si Si, it was another opening at Atticus Gallery in Barcelona.The show was a collection of screen printed works by Spanish artist Ignorancia. We were joined by some street musicians. Street art and Street Musicians,, what could be better. Only in Barcelona will you experience such things.. I love this city.

Next month Atticus has a great exhibition opening on the 3rd of October with 4 international artists, Morten Andersen, Aro, The Keld and Mike Hyp- titled Royal Flush.!!! More to come soon!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The fantastic Jim Mahfood! Tonight @ Munky King LA

Jim Mahfood will be signing tonight at the Munky shop and gallery on Melrose, in Los Angeles.
celebrating the release of Jim Mahfood's new comic book, KICK DRUM COMIX #1! Jim will be there in person to sign and sketch, and original art from the book will be on display and for sale.
Music by DJ Stereotype & R-Rated, Beer provided by COLT 45! Check out the online pre-sale and pictures of the mural installation on Vinyl Pulse!

Munky King
7308 Melrose Ave.
LA, CA 90026

See more from JIM MAHFOOD on his webpage:

Tonight Opens Ignorancia in Barcelona at Atticus Gallery

Por todo la gente que vive en Barcelona, tienes que pasar esta noche a Atticus Gallery!
Desde 20:00 hasta 23:30.

Atticus Gallery
Calle Lledo 10 08001
Cerca Plaza Juame 1

Nos vemos ahi!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A road going somewhere special: Exclusive Interview with Tessar Lo

Tessar Lo is just a down right nice guy; maybe it’s the Canadian in him that gives him such a strong appeal and that soft character. Tessar is the type of guy you could just sit around and chat about life with for hours, and that’s exactly what we did for this interview. Tessar Lo was born in Indonesia, he moved to Toronto, Canada to start a new life and just over a year ago he has settled in Downtown Los Angeles, California in a studio-loft which he shares with the rest of the Project Gallery boys.
(Left: Changing)

TZ: So are you planning on settling in the LA area?
Tessar: I’m not one for permanence, things change all the time. I’m all about change, about progression, who knows where I will be in a few years from now. I do know I want to remain in close contact with everyone I have met out here. If and when I get out of LA, I know I will have learned a lot from the people I’ve met, there are some great people in Los Angeles.

TZ: How did you get involved with Project: Gallery?
Tessar: I actually graduated last year and I was really fortunate to be featured on Fecal Face. Beau (owner and director of Project: Gallery) called me and had me send out some pieces to try and sell, which turned out to do well. I was also doing a show with Fecal Face in San Francisco, so he came up and kind of gave me the run down on LA. He has done a lot to bring me out here and accommodate my needs, so I’m with Project so I can help accommodate his needs as a gallery owner and as a business.

TZ: It definitely seems it has been a great move for your art career; the Project team has grown to receive international attention. So you feel confident at the moment with your direction?
Tessar: Yeah definitely, Beau has really helped all of us develop as artists. He is really encouraging and keeps me in check. He is not like most, he lets us do whatever we feel like doing, so as painters we feel confident we can really shine, it gives us a fresh and honest attitude to our work and we can really discover who we are as artists.

TZ: Lets speak a bit about your inspirations, where do you get your inspirations and how do you project those ideas in to your work?
Tessar: Inspiration is a funny thing; it comes from everywhere and is just so open ended. You can go on for days. What it is for me, is emotions, different possibilities for experiences and different physical places, I think it’s my desire to communicate those things by triggering our individual experiences. To communicate but also to have people relate to them through that communication. What you’re painting or drawing turns one on enough for them to talk to you about it. It’s about that sharing. In my short life, I’ve been blessed to have delved into different kinds of mediums, paint, dry media, printmaking, etc.. Right now what interests me is that parallel between the different kinds of media and the array of life’s experiences and emotions.

TZ: I like what you said about communicating with the viewer, about building up that experience.
Tessar: Yeah I think that all artists want that, I mean most artist want to communicate with the viewer. Don’t you think?

TZ: Well maybe some artists just paint to create what they want, without thinking about what the viewer will get from it. Maybe they never think about that second step, the outsider’s perspective, they just paint for themselves.
Tessar: Then I guess personally, I’ve always felt that I want to connect with people through my work. (Right: Dark Pop Whole)

What I’m saying about the communicating thing is that there are just some things you can’t say with words. I think that’s why we create in other ways, we don’t have the words to communicate or to express ourselves- so we paint. And when you communicate something through your work and someone else kind of gets it, then you share that niche of your life. It’s a weird intimacy, especially when they really get what you’re going after. You don’t have to use words to communicate then and that’s what I’m trying to get at with my work. That’s what I think is really worthwhile.

TZ: What artists can you say that have influenced you or helped you develop your style?
Tessar: Artists that influence me, oh shit.. There’s so many…

TZ: I know it’s a hard question, well anyone you could name that helped form your path?
Tessar: My dad is a photographer and also a martial artist, his influence on me is a lot around my mental state and life philosophies. Sam Weber taught me the value of hard work, he told me in a burrito joint in Manhattan that even if you have great talent, it’s useless if you don’t work hard. He really kind of put me in check, to understand that I need to work hard if I want to go far in life. My mom has influenced me in a way that is not necessarily artistic; but she has always told me to take risks.

TZ: So what’s your process of creation? How do you start a piece?
Tessar: I do a lot of sketchbook work but a lot of it is just getting those ideas out, it’s just the physical action. Sometimes to work out compositions, sometimes it’s just to get it out. I have images that kind of bug me and I need to get them out.

TZ: Do you have a hard time sleeping? (above:Distinction gallery)
Tessar: Yeah, all the time.

TZ: What hours of the day are you most productive, when do you prefer to paint?
Tessar: Here in the studio, I work all day, From 12 onward... [laughs] It’s a bit of this and that, the best time for me to work is after around 8 or 9 pm. Sometimes the studio is dead silent, we just paint till like 4 or 5 in the morning.

TZ: So what sizes do you like to work on? Any favorites?
Tessar: There is this preciousness to smaller pieces but in general I love to work big; right now 36 by 36 is the perfect size for me.

TZ: What are your future dreams or objectives?
Tessar: I basically just want to be happy and to get by. With that said, I’m living the life I want to live. I’m my own boss and my own monster. It’s a good feeling. You learn that you can’t really control anything anyway- things come, or they don’t.

My main goal is to just keep making the work I need to and to let my work teach me about myself.

(left: Girl at dusk)

To view more of Tessar Lo's work visit:

Monday, September 15, 2008

Videos from The Joshua Liner Gallery: Greg Simkins and David Choong lee.

The Joshua Liner Gallery has posted up these two videos on their website where artists Greg Simkins and David Choong Lee speak about their inspirations for the body of work they recently exhibited at the gallery. I really enjoyed both of these videos, so take some time out and have a listen to the artists speak about their work, its personal and insightful.

Greg Simkins for "It Wanders East" exhibition-opened September 6th

David Choong Lee for "Village of Wind" Exhibition opened September 6th

Visit the gallery to see all the works, and the many exciting upcoming shows they have planned.

Atticus Gallery Presents Ignorancia: Barcelona

This Thursday night opens IGNORANCIA, a solo show of screen printed posters by Spainsh artist Ignorancia or also known as Bebo.

The show will feature his newest screen printed posters that often resemble vintage classics.

All going down:
This Thursday the 18th of September
From 8:30 pm to 11:30 pm

Atticus Gallery in Barcelona
Calle Lledo 10, 08001
metro Jaume 1

Make sure you come down and join us, enjoy a glass of wine, some music and of course the art!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Banknotes- Celebration of 10 years of

Works from young artists from across the Americas inspired by banknotes.100% of proceeds go to Amnesty International. This bidding system has not gone live, this is just here to wet your whistle. Please check back in when it is launched on September 19th or attend the art exhibition at the Well and Good Arts Space (639 Queen West, 3rd Floor) to see the works in person -- including works that are not listed Please contact for notification when the bidding goes live.

See all the Banknotes here:


Celebrating one of Canada's longest running and largest street art organizations, the 10 year reunion presents work from a long list of artists in many creative forms. Presenting the Banknotes project(above), puzzle project, and an installation by Zótz Collective, plus many more!!

Presenting works in an exhibition titled: US & THEM: art Expo. Presented by Ignite the Americas and Manifesto Tibi Tibi Neuspiel. "If you like everything than you dont like anything 2008

Ïts all going down:
Opening September 19th 2008 8pm
Well and Good Art Space, Burroughes Building, 639 Queen West 3rd Floor
Show runs to Sept 30th
Tuesday to Saturday 12-8pm Sunday 12-5pm View the full 5 day festival here


Friday, September 12, 2008

Upper Playground Partners with online retailer Digital Gravel to support Barack Obama

Upper Playground x Digital Gravel t-shirt collaboration is part of an ongoing series from Upper Playground of artist collaborations in support of Obama's presidential campaign. The Obama graphic t-shirts will showcase the sold out poster designs created by The Date Farmers, Munk One, Sam Flores, Alex Pardee, Grotesk, Morning Breath, and Ron English via Upper Playground. Under 300 t-shirts were made for each graphic, and the retail price for each t-shirt is $20. All t-shirts are available in men’s and women’s sizes. The new merchandise is available exclusively at

All proceeds from the sales of the t-shirts will go directly towards creating new promotional projects in support of Obama's bid for President up until the election in November.
(image to left: Munk One)

Please visit for more information.

Paul Insect : Poison show opens Tonight (12th) in London

Paul Insect has a new show titled, POISON, situated in a disused bath house in Kings Cross which is normally used as a location for mid-budget pornographic films. Hopefully he's given it a good clean-out before filling it with new sculptures and paintings.

Pictures on Walls has just released two prints from some work which will be shown.
Both are availabe for purchase on Here on POW.

Vist Paul Insect HERE!

Wire Eyes..........................Star Eyes

Show opens: September 12th and on till the 21st
At: 9 caledonian road
kings cross, london,N1