Sunday, September 14, 2008

Banknotes- Celebration of 10 years of

Works from young artists from across the Americas inspired by banknotes.100% of proceeds go to Amnesty International. This bidding system has not gone live, this is just here to wet your whistle. Please check back in when it is launched on September 19th or attend the art exhibition at the Well and Good Arts Space (639 Queen West, 3rd Floor) to see the works in person -- including works that are not listed Please contact for notification when the bidding goes live.

See all the Banknotes here:


Celebrating one of Canada's longest running and largest street art organizations, the 10 year reunion presents work from a long list of artists in many creative forms. Presenting the Banknotes project(above), puzzle project, and an installation by Zótz Collective, plus many more!!

Presenting works in an exhibition titled: US & THEM: art Expo. Presented by Ignite the Americas and Manifesto Tibi Tibi Neuspiel. "If you like everything than you dont like anything 2008

Ïts all going down:
Opening September 19th 2008 8pm
Well and Good Art Space, Burroughes Building, 639 Queen West 3rd Floor
Show runs to Sept 30th
Tuesday to Saturday 12-8pm Sunday 12-5pm View the full 5 day festival here


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