Friday, September 5, 2008

Ekundayo is just ridiculously good.

(Images are from his website)

Been a huge fan of Ekundayo's work for some time now, but seeing his new website and a clear collection of his work, I guess I could say, Im in love.
His work is just ridiculously good, so good that its the type of work that will survive through time and trends. His new website was designed by the great people from Intoxicated Demons in Berlin and once you see it, you dont need me to tell you that they did a fantastic job, its a very clean and easy site to work through, which allows Ekundayos work to shine through to its fullest potential.

Make sure you visit the site and keep updated on Ekundayo's next moves, He will be showing on October 10th at Thinkspace gallery in LA.

Go now, I demand you. Visit the Site!
Visit Intoxicated Demons here!

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