Friday, September 12, 2008

Jet Set Graffiti @ Manifest Hope in Denver

I reported on this event in the past, but I just received this great video from Jet Set
graffiti and just had to share it with all of you. And at the times we are all in,
we can never have to much OBAMA support.It all went down August 20-28 2008 at the
Democratic National Convention. The Manifest Hope show was at Andenken Gallery in
Denver, Colorado.

America's most popular contemporary artist's convened for one of the
most important events in art and politics this year.Artist's Featured Include:
Shepard Fairey, Ron English, The Mac, Scott Lafavre, David Choe, Sam Flores,
Maya Hayuk, The Date Farmers, and a ton of other talent.
Andenken Gallery teamed up with Upper Playground and to host the
event that took over a 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse. The artist's arrived in Denver,
took a few days to make their work, and opened the doors to all kinds of fellow
Artists, Politicians, Celebrities, and News media.

Senator Barack Obama is a champion for arts and culture who is the first presidential
candidate to have developed a policy regarding support of the arts prior to entering
the office. He believes the arts should be a central part of effective teaching and
learning. The Manifest Hope Show is a powerful show of support for this unique
Visit Jet Set Graffiti to view more of their short video documentaries with international street artists.

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