Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mr. Jago presents Cloud Talk @ StolenSpace: London

StolenSpace is pleased to present the 1st London solo show by artist Mr Jago. This will showcase new work on Canvas, Silk, wood & installations, as well as the release of 2 new limited edition screen prints.

Opening the 12th of September and on until the 28th.

‘I see figures & form everywhere, in water, carpet patterns, shadows, clouds, everything is an abstract character and they are free’ says Jago.

‘Of all weather phenomena, I find clouds the most fascinating, from the silky filaments of high altitude cirrus to the towering, threatening mass of storm-bearing cumulonimbus, clouds are as varied as the new work itself. I love cloud watching, from no where the fluffy mass morphing shapes from a cunning fox with whispy ears to familiar faces ’.

Apparent in Mr Jago’s work is its loose lines and organic flow; he describes his work as ‘itchy’ and ‘dynamic’, with heavy movement and life, always searching for a new arrangement of lines. Robotic characters, and multi-layered landscapes feature heavily. The free flowing strokes and organic colours in Mr Jago’s paintings explore the ideas of space and depth in the landscapes and whilst the fast lines in his work attempt to make subject seem alive and animated.

Visit StolenSpace Gallery Here!

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