Friday, October 31, 2008

Fables and Tales, new sculptures by JShea

The list just keeps getting longer with the many great art events coming up the first weeks of November. One which you must try to attend or at least keep your eye out for is "Fables and Tales", a solo show of new small sculptures by just the coolest sculptor ever, J Shea!

The exhibition will be a mixture of pieces connected to old stories J Shea has heard through generations of his families irish folklore.

Opening Reception is: Saturday November 1st at LAB 101!
J Shea will
be there in person, ask him to tell you one of those fables, I'm interested in hearing a few of his stories.

Show up and running from Nov.8th to the 28th.

Lab 101 is now located on Washington Blvd in Culver City, LA
Get all the information here!

Europe comes to LA! Big Geezers at Scion Space

Scion Installation L.A. is pleased to present BIG GEEZERS, a would-be family of European and American artists who, over several years, have met, worked together and traveled the globe in search of adventure, hope and good times.

The BG crew will blend visual ingredients with interactive methods to delight gallery enthusiasts with an entertaining opening night. Art and interactive installations will be on display for the duration of the exhibit. Big Geezers plans to entertain the senses as it group decided that in L.A. “entertainment” is the name of the game.

Original work by: MORCKY TROUBLES (Italy), MISS RIEL (Iceland), GALO (Italy), WAYNE HORSE (Germany), PEZ (Spain), MINIVILA (Croatia), FLYING FORTRESS (Germany), and THE LONDON POLICE (U.K).

Scion Space Presents: Big Geezers
November 8 – November 29, 2008
Curated by: The London Police

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Greg Simkins at 1988 gallery LA

The truly talented Greg Simkins presents It Wanders West at 1988 Gallery in Los Angeles, after his solo show It Wanders East at Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York.

Thursday November 6th opens the solo exhibition at 1988 Gallery.

get more information

Faile in London: Nov. 7th.

FAILE has an upcoming show in London in conjunction with Lazarides Gallery.
The show opens Friday, November 7th and rus through Sunday November 16th.

The venue will be open from 11 to 7 pm daily. The show will be open late until 10pm on the
opening reception which is the first friday of the month.

The venue is located at : Lilian Baylis Old School, Lollard Street, London

Monday, October 27, 2008

Space Invader speaks with Jet Set Graffiti LA

Recently Space Invader went through Los Angeles and gave some insight about his work to the guys at Jet Set Graffiti. In this video he explains his new Binary Code, where he uses bathroom tiles to communicate messages, all with the touch of your Iphone you can read Invaders Coded art. This new media utilizes hi-tech Binary Code technology combined with his trademark lo-tech ceramic tile work as seen in urban centers all around the world. This style of artwork is among the most progressive and conceptually interesting in the world. Invader has definitely continued to take it to the next level with this latest development.

Take a minute out to see this.
Visit Jet Set Graffiti Here!

Vinyl Killers 6: October 30th at the Goodfoot in Portland

Vinyl Killers 6 opens on October 30th in Portland, Oregon at The Goodfoot for another round of rescuing long forgotten records from the world’s landfills. So no, its not a show with vinyl dolls or anything like that, its actually hand painted vinyl records..Since it’s inception in 2003 Vinyl Killers has showcased well over 1000 records painted by artists from around the world. This year there have been at least 5 other vinyl shows in North America alone and interest in the artform is at an all time high. After five annual shows and several touring exhibits Vinyl Killers remains committed to staying open call, independent, D-I-Y, and free of corporate sponsorship. With more than 60 artists included in the show, this years Vinyl Killers is well worth the look and listen..

The Goodfoot is located at 2845 SE Stark St. Portland,Oregon.

Visit the Web here!

November shows: Thinkspace gallery & Audrey Kawasaki Presents The Drawing Room

This November is full of some great art exhibitions and it seems most of them are all openning on the same evening, so mark down November 7th as the night to see an art show.

To Start we have Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles which is presenting The Drawing Room, a group exhibition curated by Audrey Kawasaki. This exhibition will feature new drawings and an installation from Los Angeles, CA area based artist Audrey Kawasaki as well as a group show curated by Audrey featuring drawings from a vast spectrum of talent including a few already established artists and others that are newer faces to many, but that still hold a unique vision all their own. Sounds very exciting and it nice to see some emerging talents getting the attention from the more established.
The exhibition will be on from Nov. 7th – Nov. 29th

Opening Reception: Fri, Nov. 7th 7-11PM

Visit Thinkspace
See the a sneek preview of the show HERE on flicker.

Joao Ruas and Brian Viveros

Friday, October 24, 2008

Prescription Art presents "Outside In" on Oct 30th London

Prescription Art presents "Outside In" on October 30th
A street art show featuring the work of 20 International street artists. The gallery is located on Brick Lane at the Old Truman Brewery in London,UK.

I was just going through the gallery's website and they have quite a good collection of collectors prints from well known artists, so if your interested in that sort of thing, take a look..they got some pieces which are kind of hard to find.

Show is up from October 31st to November 6
Opening reception: 30th October

I love art bastard: Art show and Party in Hamburg, Germany

I LOVE ART BASTARD presents their first art show and party On friday and saturday from 3pm—5pm, urban artists McBess (UK), Ciah Ciah (Poland), Kid Cash (Berlin) & Sebastian Otto (Hannover) will paint live at the location close to the Deichtorhallen.

The event will reach its peak on saturday night when the created art will be exhibited in the same location and some DJs spin some records at the following Art Show & Party!

Artist customized goodies like skateboards, shoes etc. will be auctioned. The sales will go to the Viva Con Agua project, who build fountains in developing countries.

Live Painting: Friday & Saturday 3pm—8pm
Art Show & Party: Saturday 10pm
Oberhafenstr. 1, Hamburg (Close to the Deichtorhallen)

For more infos visit the I Love Bastard website.

Opening: Tears of the Crocodile by Liz Mcgrath @ Iguapop Barcelona

Last night, The 23rd of October opened the truly breathtaking solo show by Liz Mcgrath at Iguapop gallery in Barcelona. It was Liz's first solo show in Europe and she really put her all in to this one, the gallery was full of her twisted animal sculptures and a collection of watercolored paintings. There were so many pieces to see and so much work went in to each one, even the frames she made with extreme care and detail. I saw people walking around with a look of shock and interest on their faces, many never seeing such art work in Spain. Liz Mcgrath is a world of creativity, setting a dark yet humorous enviroment. Tattooed wild dogs,black deers, cut up pigs with worlds in their stomachs, everything you would never think of. To see her work up close and personal is really impacting, I question what goes on in that head of hers, yet what ever it is, I love what its producing. She was no less decorated then her sculptures, dressed in a Victorian theme and accompanied by her possy she truly set the whole scene. If your passing through Barcelona in the next month you must go by and see the exhibition, its worth every second of your time. (sorry for the pictures, im not that great of a photographer, but at least you can get an idea)

visit Iguapop Gallery here!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Emilio Subira solo show at Atticus Gallery Barcelona

It will be my fourth curated show at Atticus Gallery, and this is going to be a really special one. Dark Surrealist Sculptor Emilio Subira is driving up in a rented van full of his art work in a few weeks, and well... Im very very excited about this show.

The opening reception is on November 7th, 08 and will feature a new collection of sculptures, paintings and drawing. Here is just a sneek peek of what we can expect. The exhibition is titled, "A LA ATTENCION DE NADIE" translated to "To the attention of nobody."

If you would like to get on the list to see the online preview you can email me directly,

And if your in BARCELONA, you just have to make this event.
See more of Emilio Subirás work here!

Hurley & Alex Pardee new collection

What an evening. Last night was the celebration of the Alex Pardees custom designed clothing line "Night of the Treeple" for fashion brand Hurley at Club 6 in San Francisco. And who best to help lauch the collection then music by the dirty devlish CAGE. I wouldnt be surrprised if the place burned down due to how hot of a party that was. well maybe that was a bit cheezy, but its true.. im sure it was poping.

Well for all of us who live too far away to be able to attend all these events, we can at least go by the Hurley site to see the great collection of hoodies and t-shirts designed by Alex Pardee. These were a few of my favorites.

Visit Hurley Here!

LOST MID CITY- new space Downtown Los Angeles

Starting a year ago with a street art paint shop and yard called 33third in Mid City Los Angeles, where they held outdoor exhibitions and live graffiti events, They have now decided to try moving in doors and have opened a new gallery space right next door to the yard.

The gallery is having the official opening November 1st, 08. The opening exhibition is called, LOST MID CITY, and features new work by Besk, Cab, Goshe, Kopye, Kozem, Mandoe, Neo, 7Dee, + more! Curated By Eye One / Seeking Heaven / EyeLost.Com

Opening Reception: Saturday November 1, 2008 | 7-10 |
Mid City Arts Gallery/33Third | 5111 W. Pico Blvd.| Los Angeles, CA 90019

For more information on this new space please visit / 33THIRD.COM

Martha Cooper's new book! Release party in NYC

Martha Cooper, best known for documenting the New York graffiti scene starting from the 1970’s, author of such classic books as New York Frame of Mind, Hip Hop Files, and Subway Art is coming out with a new book called Tag Town. The release party is at Alphabeta gallery in New York at 70 Greenpoint Ave, in Brooklyn. Music by DJ Castor.

October 23rd at 6:00 pm

Visit the Alphabeta gallery HERE!

Urban Paint Festival Bristol

From the pictures it seems the first Urban Paint Festival in Bristol this past weekend was a success. Taking inspiration from the Cans Festival in London earlier this year the Bristol UPF was created to be a freestyle contemporary urban art-charity event. Each of the 40 artists were invited to bring along a canvas which was put up for auction in the Tobacco Factory in Bristol, where 50% of proceeds went directly to NACOA. I always admire those that start right off with doing a Charity event.

The event lasted12 hours, with live painting every second from international and national artists. Kids were invited out to paint along, and there was live music to entertain. So overall, it sounds like a down right nice art event.

Go by the website to find out more information HERE.
(Video:photo montage by andy powell .The soundtrack is Murda a Star by Sickman D.)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Liz McGrath @ Iguapop Gallery Barcelona

Ive been honestly waiting for about three months for this week, so I guess Im a little over excited.
This Thursday evening opens "Tears of the Crocodile" a solo exhibition of new works by Elizabeth McGrath......right here in Barcelona.
check back on Friday for pictures of the opening and the enchanting art work.

Thursday the 23rd of October
opening : 8 pm
Show will be up until the 23rd of November.

Calle Comerc 15, Barcelona.

PS. more artists come to Europe! pass it on...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Burning Candy at Sartorial Art Gallery's new location in London

BURNING CANDY opened at the new location of Sartorial Art gallery in London this weekend. Three of the UK 's most notorious graffiti vandals, Cyclops, Sweet Toof , Tek33 took over the ground floor level of the new 6,000 sq.m location. The three artists have exclusively for this show created new works with their raw messy trademark punk style that has brought them cult status over the last two years. Also the ‘Burning Candy' book with text by Olly Beck available.

Visit the Gallery Here!
The show will be up until November 11th.

Revok solo show at Grenade Art in London!

REVOK opened his solo show CRIME IN THE CITY at the Grenade Art space in London this past weekend, the 16th of October. The show will be up until the 20th of November. Go by Grenade art to see the show online or Here on Paul Jenkins flicker page(thanks for the photos).

Revok was one of the main graffiti writers that got me to this whole art movement, it is so great to see after so many years he still produces sick art work with so much style.

"Emerging from the streets of LA, REVOK is one of the most active and prolific street artist of our Time. He’s one of the few successful artists to come from the current street art scene and maintain a direct link back the roots of graffiti Art in both style and practice. Celebrating world Wide acclaim his work can be found in New York galleries, LA tattoo parlours and to the roof tops and streets of various Asian and European cities. His focus has been, and always will be, on the evolution of the USA’s West Coast graffiti Styles and traditions.
Always aspiring to execute the best possible piece, in the best possible Location, REVOK embodies the very Essence of what Real street art is and continues to remind us of where it all came from. "(text from Grenade Art)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Doze Green and Blek le Rat online preview & video

A Conversation with Blek Le Rat & Doze Green from liabungalo on Vimeo.

Its amazing how far these artists have come, and how much further they have taken street art, with works pricing higher than 15,000 dollars, and the majority of them sold already. Doze Green and Blek Le Rat deserve a round of applause for their hard work and for paving the road for the many emerging street artists today that are going from the street to the gallery almost over night. Blek Le Rat opened his solo show titled Paris-New York, New York-Paris in one room, while next door you had Doze Green opening N.O.O.N. The two artists brought alot of attention to Joanthan Levin Gallery in New York, but nothing less was expected.

The whole show is now up on line for your viewing pleasure, make sure you stop by. The works are beautiful. Go HERE!
Watch the video by Liabungalo on Vimeo!

The Obama print contest by Upper Playground

During the week of October 20th, Upper Playround is going to launch a daily Obama Print contest. Featuring limited edition, signed and numbered prints by Morning Breath, Alex Pardee, Munk One, Justin Bua, David Choe and Sam Flores from our Obama Print Series.

Every day from October 20th-25th, the contest will be open to win five of each artist's print. All you have to do to enter is go to our site at: every morning at 10AM PST for new instructions on how to win the days prints. Punctuality will be key to winning. You feeling lucky?

Friday, October 17, 2008

C215 in India

C215 has been very busy in India. These images are incredible. So many little slices, so much detail and emotion in each stencil.

"C215 is (as far as we know) the first stencil/street artist to paint on the streets of India. These photographs were taken in the Karol Bagh District of New Delhi between 7th -16th October 2008. Sometimes threatened, usually uncomfortable with the large crowds that gathered for the spectacle of a couple of foreigners having strayed off the tourist trail somehow and ended up in their unimaginably poor district. These pieces were mainly for the children to see and enjoy, which hopefully you can see from the India Set, they did."
See all the images from C215's trip to India Here on flicker

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kent Williams at Merry Karnowsky Gallery

Renowned Los Angeles-based contemporary artist Kent Williams has really caught the attention of the Merry Karnowsky Gallery as he has had the honor of being able to show in both of their gallery locations, one show after the other. From the recently successful show at the Merry Karnowsky gallery location in Los Angeles, he is traveling to Berlin to open his second solo exhibition Saturday night, October 18th.

Merry Karnowsky Gallery, Berlin-Mitte, Germany
18 October-15 November, 2008
Opening reception: Saturday, 18 October, 19:00-22:00 h

View more of Kent's
Visit Merry Karnowsky Gallery