Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dirty Hands screenings!!

The Dirty Hands movie: a feature film about David Choe will be having some screenings coming up!

At the The San Diego Asian Film Festival.
The screenings are at 9:50 pm Oct. 10, 9:20 pm Oct. 15, and 9:20 pm Oct. 22

At The Hawaii International Film Festival, we're screening 9:00 pm Oct.13 and 7:00 pm October 15.

So if your in any of those areas, this is a must see movie!

Visit the Dirty Hands Website: www.dirtyhandsmovie.com
Big ups to David Choe and Harry Kim!!

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GraffHead said...

A must see for any Dave Choe or graffiti fan. I watched the movie at the premier in Los Angeles.

I cannot wait to see it again. Harry Kim's work is astounding!