Sunday, October 19, 2008

Doze Green and Blek le Rat online preview & video

A Conversation with Blek Le Rat & Doze Green from liabungalo on Vimeo.

Its amazing how far these artists have come, and how much further they have taken street art, with works pricing higher than 15,000 dollars, and the majority of them sold already. Doze Green and Blek Le Rat deserve a round of applause for their hard work and for paving the road for the many emerging street artists today that are going from the street to the gallery almost over night. Blek Le Rat opened his solo show titled Paris-New York, New York-Paris in one room, while next door you had Doze Green opening N.O.O.N. The two artists brought alot of attention to Joanthan Levin Gallery in New York, but nothing less was expected.

The whole show is now up on line for your viewing pleasure, make sure you stop by. The works are beautiful. Go HERE!
Watch the video by Liabungalo on Vimeo!

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