Thursday, October 16, 2008

HHV.DE & Beta Bodega Coalition Europe present Silent In Truth: Tour Germany 08

The HHV.DE & Beta Bodega Coalition Europe present Silent In Truth an on tour Exhibition. The collective includes and Project Mooncircle, aritsts and musicians combine there creative eye with their voice for political change in this art -music tour.

Beta Bodega Coalition Worldwide is set out to first hit Intoxicated Demons in Berlin, Tomorrow night the 17th of October. From there they are headed all over Germany. So stay tuned.

Intoxicated Demons: October 17th 2008 , Berlin Germany
BETA BODEGA COALITION WORLDWIDE Exhibition 2008 / GERMANY TOUR with La Mano Fria (Beta Bodega, Botanica Del Jibaro & Arepaz), Gordon (HHV.DE, Project: MoonCircle & Beta Bodega Europe) & Sushi.TV (PMC). Live Show by Mr Cooper (Ex Lex Rec. / Project: MoonCircle) & Graphic live performance by La Mano Fria, Gordon & Sushi.TV!

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Visit Intoxicated Demons!

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