Friday, October 24, 2008

Opening: Tears of the Crocodile by Liz Mcgrath @ Iguapop Barcelona

Last night, The 23rd of October opened the truly breathtaking solo show by Liz Mcgrath at Iguapop gallery in Barcelona. It was Liz's first solo show in Europe and she really put her all in to this one, the gallery was full of her twisted animal sculptures and a collection of watercolored paintings. There were so many pieces to see and so much work went in to each one, even the frames she made with extreme care and detail. I saw people walking around with a look of shock and interest on their faces, many never seeing such art work in Spain. Liz Mcgrath is a world of creativity, setting a dark yet humorous enviroment. Tattooed wild dogs,black deers, cut up pigs with worlds in their stomachs, everything you would never think of. To see her work up close and personal is really impacting, I question what goes on in that head of hers, yet what ever it is, I love what its producing. She was no less decorated then her sculptures, dressed in a Victorian theme and accompanied by her possy she truly set the whole scene. If your passing through Barcelona in the next month you must go by and see the exhibition, its worth every second of your time. (sorry for the pictures, im not that great of a photographer, but at least you can get an idea)

visit Iguapop Gallery here!

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