Thursday, October 9, 2008

Process presents Train Car Project : Oct 10th Nyc

For almost two years now PROCESS has been organizing a massive group show, called the Train Car Project, which features 60 arists from around the world, ranging in all different styles. For the project, each artist was supplied with a train car illustration (shown below), in the medium of their choice; either as a 3-color screenprint or a digital vector file. Once recieved, the artists had complete creative control to do what they wanted with the train.

Now, for the first time, the project will be on display in it’s entirety at PAPA B STUDIOS, in Brooklyn, NY from October 10th-22nd . The exhibition will feature all iterations of the Train Car Project, accompanied by an opening reception, October 10th starting at 7:30pm.

Abe Lincoln Jr | Alone | Andrew Keiper | Andrew Tomilson | Anne Coté | ASA | Audria Brumberg | Billy Sprague | Bird | Bob London | Bob Will Reign | Craig Atkinson | Cre Cre | Crockett | Damion Silver | The Date Farmers | Diana Delorenzo | DMYK | Dolla Lama | Dylan Bradway | Dylan Scalora | ERMONE | Frank Chimero | Gabe Felice | HXFOUR | Ian Lynam | Ian Stevenson | Inx One | Jason Gomez | John J. Lee | Ken Albrecht | Kid Lew | Koma | Kult Nation | Mad One | Mariana Martins | Marine | Max Lust | Minouch | Mr. Kiji | Neutra | Nick Deakin | Nitrocorpz | The Nose | OK Tokio | Peat Wollaeger | Presto | Robert Albrecht | Robots Will Kill | Royal Remarkable™ | Sean Sutherland | SHN | Sztuka Fabryka | Task- Focused | Tinico | Tomo | Via Grafik | Zara Gonzalez | Zezão

Go by and support these guys y gals:

and if your in New York, stop by the opening reception: October 10th, at Papa B studios, from 7:30 pm onward.

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