Monday, October 20, 2008

Revok solo show at Grenade Art in London!

REVOK opened his solo show CRIME IN THE CITY at the Grenade Art space in London this past weekend, the 16th of October. The show will be up until the 20th of November. Go by Grenade art to see the show online or Here on Paul Jenkins flicker page(thanks for the photos).

Revok was one of the main graffiti writers that got me to this whole art movement, it is so great to see after so many years he still produces sick art work with so much style.

"Emerging from the streets of LA, REVOK is one of the most active and prolific street artist of our Time. He’s one of the few successful artists to come from the current street art scene and maintain a direct link back the roots of graffiti Art in both style and practice. Celebrating world Wide acclaim his work can be found in New York galleries, LA tattoo parlours and to the roof tops and streets of various Asian and European cities. His focus has been, and always will be, on the evolution of the USA’s West Coast graffiti Styles and traditions.
Always aspiring to execute the best possible piece, in the best possible Location, REVOK embodies the very Essence of what Real street art is and continues to remind us of where it all came from. "(text from Grenade Art)

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