Thursday, October 16, 2008

Younity collective presents Heart and Soul: book launch Oct. 17th

Its always so very nice to see strong passionate women doing something different, creative and inspirational. The Younity collective from New York is doing just that and much more. With more than 30 women in the art collective ranging from photographers to graff writers, including artists like Swoon, Faith 47, Lady Pink, Martha Cooper and many more. They have just came out with an art book titled Heart and Soul.

Read on for more information about the collective.

YOUNITY is the first ever international women’s urban contemporary art collective that brings female artists into a global networking system as a means to create art exhibitions, installations, books and a much needed archive of women’s urban contemporary art. With the success of their premiere exhibit, The C R O S S O V E R, YOUNITY has become a sought after collective devoted to women with an inherent need to perfect their craft through self-expression, surpass male dominance and pass the torch on to younger female artists. For this project, only 60 out of 300 female urban artists were selected to participate with styles that range from hand-styles, graphics and collage to abstract riffs on the female identity, the urban habitat, life and love.

The Heart and Soul book is comprised of 60 artworks formatted onto a 5×8 inch postcard-style flipbook. It is the first publication in the YOUNITY collector’s book series that will showcase the works of varying members of the collective.

At the exhibition, all of original images featured in Heart & Soul will be framed and displayed as part of an indoor/outdoor site specific installation that pays homage to the urban landscape. The collective also includes world-renowned artists MAD C (Germany), Aiko Nakagawa (Japan), Faith47 (South Africa), Krista Franklin (Chicago) and Diana McClure (NYC), among others. Books and artwork will be on view and for sale at the Heart & Soul Exhibition and Book Launch and online at

YOUNITY’s Heart & Soul Exhibition and Book Launch
PRESS HOUR: 7pm-8pm Opening Reception: 8pm – 10pm
October 17, 2008 ALPHABETA 70 Greenpoint Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11222

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