Monday, November 10, 2008

Free art by Adam Neate in London! Stay AWAKE on the 14th!

ADAM NEATE: The London Show

In a one-off art happening of characteristic generosity, one thousand hand screenprinted paintings by Adam Neate will be left on the streets of London through the night of 14th November 2008. Teams of distributors will begin under cover of darkness at the furthest edges of the capital, working their way towards the centre by day break randomly distributing individually numbered ‘unique’ multiples.

For one night only, The London Show adopts the whole capital as its gallery space and rethinks the idea of the ‘private view’. There won’t be any queues to see the work, no chilled wine, the artist himself won’t necessarily be present - just one thousand chance encounters that make up a conceptually pre-meditated potlatch. So stay awake on the 14th of November if you are in London, and make sure you are on of those 1000 people to find Adam Neates free art!

STAY TUNED here with the Elms Lesters Gallery in London

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SCL said...

This is a really cool - there's a group of us in Plymouth and South Devon doing something sort of related to this in the New Year - good luck with it

Steve (My Dog Ate Art)