Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Inaugural show at T&P Fine art Gallery in Philidelphia

THE INAUGURAL SHOW at the new T&P Fine Art Gallery in Philly.

Music industry veterans Bryan Dilworth, Andrew Ellis, and Jon Halperin have banded together to create T&P Fine Art gallery in Philly. The gallery is located in the Italian Market, just blocks away from Geno's Philly Steaks. The gallery will feature monthly shows inclusive of international artists. The opening is Nov 7th with nearly forty artists and 60+ pieces of art.

2cent, Aaron Kraton, Adam Wallacavage, AIKO, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Bask, Brandon Bird, Camilla D'Errico, Cherri Wood, Dabs! Myla, Dan Smith, Deph, Deth P Sun, Dogbyte, Heiko Mueller, Hope Perkins, Jason Sho Green, Jeffrey Brown, JRF, Jude Buffum, Kelly Towles, Ken Keirns, Kii Arens, Lisa Alisa, Logan Hicks, Mark Bodnar, Mel Kadel, Peter Gronquist, Rene Gagnon, Richard Pose, Roland Tamayo, Ryan Bubnis, Sally Sun, Scott Campbell, Seizer, Shepard Fairey, Smear, Thomas Han, Travis Lampe, Travis Millard, and Trish Grantham.
Opening reception: Nov. 7th at 7pm

T&P Fine Art is located at 1143 South 9th Street, Philadelphia.

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