Monday, November 17, 2008

New work by Elbow Toe

I have been a huge fan of Elbow Toe's work for some time now so when he comes out with some mind boggling work like this I cant help myself but post about it. When you want to know whats going on in the world, just look on the local walls in your city. The street artists are always there, posting up new work, and communicating with the common fellow, its what they do best. SPEAK OUT AND STAND OUT!

Here is what Elbow toe says about his new series:

"My current body of work is an allegory about memory's power to hold us back or move us forward. The central character in this parable is a 6 x 10 foot linocut of an Everyman, who has lost it all and wanders the plains with all his belongings strapped to his back.

He navigates a world in crisis by learning from his past. The remainder of the characters that he encounters are individuals lost in regret. I have developed these paintings and prints during the American housing and credit crisis of the past year. In contemplating where we are and where we might be, I have found myself looking back at history, remembering the Great Depression, and considering what effects it had on the American psyche. The uncertainty that existed then is present now, and I am addressing the kind of escapism through nostalgia that can occur in the midst of calamity. Every character that the Everyman sees is gripped by this need to escape their present circumstance. They are people lost in a memory at the very point when they should be paying attention to what lies ahead. Many different artists have inspired the flavor of this world including the photography of Walker Evans, the films of the Cohen brothers, the music of Tom Waits and the theatre of Robert Wilson. For more info on the title ElbowToe

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