Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pop Disaster Opens in Milano, Italy: 27th of Nov.

Nothing exists anymore. Everything changes. Evolves. What was once dangerous is now harmless, sold to the masses. Expressive urgency, instead, is constantly changing. It fluctuates and its boundaries are continously redefined. It surely feeds on fantasy, and fantasy is nothing else than a face of memory unbound by the order of time and space. This might be the reason those who feel like artists always live between dream and reality. But a question arises spontaneously: does art still exist, nowadays?Pop Disaster will not answer that question. Pop Disaster was born to focus on the great number of creative sources colliding against each other. To exhalt the value of anomalous phenomena. To demonstrate that content overules form. To prove that real art is a game and that there are no specific laws in our culture to live new sensorial experiences. Pop Disaster proves that the creative act is central to the world and that if you're looking for consolation
in lasting items, Pop Disaster will change your life!

Artists to be exhibited in Pop Disaster Include:
Stratolin, Fabio Marras, Ufo 5, Microbo, Bo130, Mr. Jago, Squaz, Money-less, Diego Lazzarin, Poilacartabrucia, Gianluca Sbrana, Seńor B, Riccardo Bargellini, Rayan Dooley, Andrea Geremia, Camilla Candida Donzella, Valeria Maggiani, Franco Brambilla, Giacomo Spazio,Thomas Ray, Inserire Floppino, Harto, Valeria Petrone, Paola Sala, Ron English, Signorina Gorza, Guido Scarabottolo, Stratolin, Fake, Galo,108, DEM, Guido Borso, Massimo Basili, Elvezio Ghidoli, Mr. Degrì, Cecilia Granata, Giovanni Bianchini, 8185 Lascimmia, David Vecchiato, El Euro, Silvia Moro, ErikailCane, Bugo, Shepard Fairey, El Gato Chimney, Alessandro Baronciani, Cristiano Guerri, Tatiana, JuJu's Delivery, Allegra Corbo, Will Barras

Opens the 27th of November at LIMTED NO ART GALLERY
Via Porpora 148, 20131 Milano

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