Monday, November 24, 2008

Sozyone presents Million Gonzalez, it kills to live at Intoxicated Demons gallery in Berlin

SOZYONE "MILLION" GONZALEZ - CAMINA O REVIENTA / MATA PARA VIVIR - VIVE PARA MATAR"It kills to live - it lives to kill" - what seriously sounds like it may have been taken out of Darwins book "Origin of Species" is not a part of the description about dangerous animals. It's not even fiction! It's reality! We're talking about the most dangerous gang in the world. They call themselves "Mara Salvatrucha" better known as "MS-13". In the early days founded by kids and teenagers in LA to defend themselves against the bloods, the crips and the mexican mafia, MS-13 quickly turned into a very aggressive and violent gang. As a result of the "zero tolerance law" in the USA, young criminals were deported back to their home countries as quickly as possible.
As soon as they arrived back home, they started to develop their own gang system. Today the "MS-13" is the fastest growing gang in the world. The number of members seems to be around 100,000 worldwide. There are ony 2 ways to get out of the gang: One is prison, the other is to get killed!
Sozyone grew up in a world of criminals and villains. To escape from that surrounding he decided to study art. After a while he discovered the aesthetic vandalism of metropolitan graffiti. In 1996 he created the Ultra Boys International with Gold Jaba,Prince Pro, Turs, Byz and Kool Recto. The crew developed a new form of Graffiti, a brutally refined mix of Marvel Comics, abstract futuristic mathematics, alphabetical constructivism and facial Picassonic cubism. In 2004 Sozyone officially jumped into the gallery scene having shows all over europe.
In his Berlin show, Sozyone will show new work strongly influenced by the topic of the "mara salvatrucha". Working on the mystic and symbolic aspects he will show the dark side of the gang to find out where they're dangerous dynamic energy is coming from.

INTOXICATED DEMONS GALLERY November 28th to December 21st 2008
Opening reception: November 28th 2008 / 7 pm
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