Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hunt & Gather goes to London

Greetings everyone. I hope you are all well rested and had a great holiday with friends and family. I just arrived back from cold London late last night and was excited to share with you my pictures. During my visit I got the chance to visit a few galleries that were on my list, most were closed for the holidays but I was able to go by Lazarides gallery, Elms Lesters and Grenade Art.

Lazarides Gallery. Artists on Display were Banksy, Above, Space Invader, Fraile, Paul Insect and loads more. The gallery is located on a very busy shopping street and is two floors, the bottom was the gallery space and the top floor a very well stocked print room.

The Elms Lesters Christmas Group Exhibition and gallery space.
This amazing two floor gallery location is on a small back street off of the main Oxford street Blvd. You have to ring the door bell to enter and once inside I found that we were the only ones in the gallery space. The walls are covered with original works by Jose Parla, Ron English, Space Invader and more and more...

Lastly I stopped by Grenade Art gallery, it took me awhile to find this place but it was well worth the trip. The gallery is located in a really nice little trendy area with a few other galleries around. Grenade art is a small one room space but well packed with art works from international artists.

That pretty much sums it up.. other than that I spent my days sick in bed with a bad cold and eating loads.. If you have a chance do try to visit London and make sure you visit other galleries like Stolen Space and Black Rat Press.

Monday, December 22, 2008

New work by Scott Radke

This breathtaking large scale 3d sculpture is something else. You can really see how free Scott Radke was in creating this commission work, as its nothing like he has done before. The scale, detail and amount of sculptures making up this one work of art has got me in a state of "wow"..something Scott should really be proud of.

Scott Radke has truly developed in to such an amazing sculptor, the emotion he captures in just a glance, or a twist of a head piece is remarkable.

congrats Scott and to the owner of this piece. Scott is really setting the standards for all sculptors worldwide.

A Paper Tiger new prints!

A Paper Tiger has a impressive new collection of prints, right in time for the holidays and a great way to run in to a New Year. This collection of prints are a bit different, as this is their first series of Screenprints originally created for the Lab101. Each print is a 4 color Hand screened print and is from a group of internationally recognized artists include Mel Kadel, Andrew Pommier, Travis Millard, Andy Howell and Kill Pixie. Prints are well priced, around 75 dollars a pop and limited to 100 prints.

They also will have a new print by Nathan Ota in January, so keep updated to check out that one.
Visit A Paper Tiger Here!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Holidays everyone

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Your probably wondering " where the hell did Hunt & Gather go? No posts for a week??? Thats not like Tina!" I know, its not like me to not update, but this December has been hectic, with very little opportunities for me to log on, hunt for content and gather it all together. I have been very sick for the past weeks with Strep Throat, traveling constantly and sadly just not near my computer enough.

I hope you all will come back in January for a fresh start and much more information about the New Year to come, I will have many exciting events and topics to check out.

Im in London now, and I have had some great days visiting galleries and have taken many pictures, so once Christmas is over Ill gather everything together and start my posting mission.

Much love, happiness and good health to everyone over the holidays, and I truly wish you all
a great New Year, I have a good feeling about this one, 2009 is a perfect time for starting new and working hard!

All the best!

Tina from Hunt & Gather

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Morgan Slade @ Billy Shire Fine Arts: Dec.13th

Morgan Slade will be showing 5 - 6 large scale photo and collage mixed media pieces for his art show "Rolling Vengeance" this Saturday, Dec 13 at Billy Shire Fine Arts gallery in Culver city.

His work will be in the project room, concurrent with awesome artist Daniel Martin Diaz's new show.

Opening is from 7-10 pm, cocktails and snacks will be served.

Daniel Martin Diaz
& Morgan Slade
Exhibition: December 13, 2008 - January 3, 2009
Opening Reception: Saturday, December 13th, 7-10 pm

Visit Billy Shire HERE!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yoskay Yamamoto's Kobito Toy release

Munky King is proud to present the official release of KOIBITO by Yoskay Yamamoto. Long anticipated by the public, this will be the definitive release of 2008. Artist will be signing, with unique custom pieces by him available as well. There will also be special raffles throughout the night for art pieces by Yoskay, so get here early!

December 11th, 2008, from 7 to 11 pm.

Also, the Secret Exclusive Colorway has now been revealed, and will be available that night. (ed. only 150)

Dont we all just love Yoskay, he is killin it! Watch a short video of Yoskay talking about his new toy and his inspiration. Check it!
Get hold of this one if ya can...

Visit Munky King HERE!

Last Rites presents Anathema, Shawn Barber and Vincent Castiglia

Since its opening, Last Rites gallery in New York has only worked to attract and exhibit the best in dark surrealism. This Saturday, the 13th of December they have done it once again, in this two person show titled Anathema, exhibiting extraordinary painter Shawn Barber, and amazing illustrator Vincent Castiglia.

It looks like its going to be a dark christmas.

Anathema: Shawn Barber & Vincent Castiglia
Opening Reception: Saturday, December 13th, 7:00-11:00pm.
*With 'Forever & Ever' book signing by Shawn Barber.
Show runs December 13th thru January 22nd, 2009.

The online line preview is up, Go Here!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

DayDream Network Issue 5 out now!

The Super creative, always active guys at DayDream Network in London have gathered together a very special edition, right in time for the holidays. I would love to find one of these in my stocking. Daydream network is a collective of artists from all over the world, its the type of creative outlet that anyone can use. You just sign up, and are free to design your own artistic page. The final out come is a mini colorful book which costs 4 pounds, about every few months... each page is truly inspiring, creative and unique.

The 5th Edition of Daydream represents a truly global lineup, featuring indivduals and collectives from cities including New York, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Newcastle, Buenos Airies, Santiago, Manilla, Sao Paolo, Los Angeles, Beijing, Amsterdam, Oslo, Warsaw, Bristol, Moscow, Barcelona, London, Brighton and beyond.
With writing, artwork, product design and photography - DD05 showcases hidden gems alongside established names from creative communities across the globe.
Its a must have for all those contemporary art heads that are interested in seeing a bit of whats coming out of the Eu and Uk.
You can get yours now Online on their website.

Go here!

Infinity Squared @ Distinction Gallery: Dec 13th

Distinction Gallery presents Infinity Squared,curated by Kelly Vivanco. The show is packed with 28 artists from the US and abroad. All artworks are created on 8 x 8 inch square panels. Some names include Philip Kirk, Amy Huddleston, Angie Mason, Allison Sommers, ShowChicken, Dennis Hayes IV, Josh Clay, Tom Haubrick, K Jason Limon, Matte Stephens and many more!
Reception Saturday December 13th from 6-11pm,
The gallery is suppling music by DJ Kaotic starting at 8. Beer and wine avaialble for those 21 and up. O The DBA is offering FREE carriage rides from 5-9,..what does that mean!! i hope they are serious.
A few other galleries and museums in the area will be open as well.

Another show to add to your calender for this busy Saturday the13th, it is already probably full, but hey.. better more art than less.. right.

Visit the Distinction Gallery webpage to see some of the online preview! HERE!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Strychnin Gallery in Berlin presents Fallen Angels: Dec 12th

Strychnin Gallery in Berlin Presents: DANIEL VAN NES - Fallen Angels. Featuring special guests VIRGINIE ROPARS, CLIFF WALLACE and MARINA BYCHKOVA.

Open Reception is December 12th, 7 p.m.

The real replaced by the virtual, oversaturation through the media and the ever-present TV screens with marketing messages that seep into our lives and dreams not unlike religious slogans – these are the themes of Dutch artist DaniĆ«l van Nes’ new series of work. Playing with religious imagery and mixing it up with sub- and underground cultures, the characters in his work are angels expelled from the Garden who find themselves utterly alone in their fall.

David Stoupakis @ Corey Helford Gallery LA :Dec.13th

Corey Helford Gallery is proud to present “These Predicaments”, a solo exhibition of new works by pop surrealist David Stoupakis.

For his second solo exhibition at the Gallery, Stoupakis parlays his talent for the supernatural and macabre into dramatic narratives that reveal symbolic turning points and unexpected dilemmas. A delicate balance of childhood innocence and haunting imagery, the series of oil-on-panel paintings and graphite drawings recounts grim fairytales of the decadent and demure.

Marking a new direction for the artist, Stoupakis employs a brighter color palette than before and
will unveil his largest piece to date for the exhibition.

The reception for “These Predicaments” takes place on Saturday, December 13, and the evening will include music scored by composer Geoff Gersh. Open to the public, the exhibition will be on view until December 31, 2008.

The Grass Hut Gang Group art show

Portland, Oregon's art scene is a lot like it's music scene. Small, diverse and more vibrant and then a rainbow on psychedelic mushrooms. Portland's creative community might be the youngest on the west coast, but it's gaining epic recognition (see Paul Bunyan and the latest issue of XLR8R). At the heart of this creative community, you wont find the desire for fame or fortune, nope all you'll find are younger folks who just love making things and having fun.

The Grass Hut gang just love to make things and have fun. Maybe that's why most folks think they are some kind of arts collective?

Grass Hut is a physical and mental place where friends build fires under each other's ideas and encourage each other to make good art.
Grass Hut is made up of APAK, Bwana Spoons, Martin Ontiveros, Le Merde and Scrappers. They are Toy Designers, Painters, Illustrators, Sculptors, Printmakers, Writers and Friends. Together and apart they have been rocking art shows around the world for the past couple years, but they have never had a group show together at home.
The Grass Hut Gang's first group show at Grass Hut Art Market will be all about having fun and making good art.

Dec 5th-28th, 6-9pm
Grass Hut :) Art Market
811 e. Burnside
Portland, OR
(503) 445-9923

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Matthew Bone solo show at Copro Nason Gallery : Dec 13th

Copro Nason Gallery has a show coming up that I have been waiting for, " Like Giving a Kid a Loaded Gun" is a solo show of new works by LA artist Matthew Bone. His paintings are the kind that look so real it can make you uncomfortable to be in the same room with for too long, you might end up asking those sexy beasts just where they got that chain and latex. Oh at least i thought about doing it.

December 13th is the opening! Dont miss it!
8:00 pm to 11:30
and make sure to visit Copro Nason Gallery here!

New Futura prints / Krunk and Hang Up Pictures

Hang-Up Pictures are delighted to be working alongside Krunk on their latest fine art print release from internationally acclaimed graffiti artist Futura.

Hang-Up Pictures will act exclusively offering signed editions 75 - 100 with this hugely anticipated release available from December 10th 2008 through the website.
Go to Hang up picturesHere!
Buy the Futura prints here