Monday, December 8, 2008

The Grass Hut Gang Group art show

Portland, Oregon's art scene is a lot like it's music scene. Small, diverse and more vibrant and then a rainbow on psychedelic mushrooms. Portland's creative community might be the youngest on the west coast, but it's gaining epic recognition (see Paul Bunyan and the latest issue of XLR8R). At the heart of this creative community, you wont find the desire for fame or fortune, nope all you'll find are younger folks who just love making things and having fun.

The Grass Hut gang just love to make things and have fun. Maybe that's why most folks think they are some kind of arts collective?

Grass Hut is a physical and mental place where friends build fires under each other's ideas and encourage each other to make good art.
Grass Hut is made up of APAK, Bwana Spoons, Martin Ontiveros, Le Merde and Scrappers. They are Toy Designers, Painters, Illustrators, Sculptors, Printmakers, Writers and Friends. Together and apart they have been rocking art shows around the world for the past couple years, but they have never had a group show together at home.
The Grass Hut Gang's first group show at Grass Hut Art Market will be all about having fun and making good art.

Dec 5th-28th, 6-9pm
Grass Hut :) Art Market
811 e. Burnside
Portland, OR
(503) 445-9923

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