Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hunt & Gather goes to London

Greetings everyone. I hope you are all well rested and had a great holiday with friends and family. I just arrived back from cold London late last night and was excited to share with you my pictures. During my visit I got the chance to visit a few galleries that were on my list, most were closed for the holidays but I was able to go by Lazarides gallery, Elms Lesters and Grenade Art.

Lazarides Gallery. Artists on Display were Banksy, Above, Space Invader, Fraile, Paul Insect and loads more. The gallery is located on a very busy shopping street and is two floors, the bottom was the gallery space and the top floor a very well stocked print room.

The Elms Lesters Christmas Group Exhibition and gallery space.
This amazing two floor gallery location is on a small back street off of the main Oxford street Blvd. You have to ring the door bell to enter and once inside I found that we were the only ones in the gallery space. The walls are covered with original works by Jose Parla, Ron English, Space Invader and more and more...

Lastly I stopped by Grenade Art gallery, it took me awhile to find this place but it was well worth the trip. The gallery is located in a really nice little trendy area with a few other galleries around. Grenade art is a small one room space but well packed with art works from international artists.

That pretty much sums it up.. other than that I spent my days sick in bed with a bad cold and eating loads.. If you have a chance do try to visit London and make sure you visit other galleries like Stolen Space and Black Rat Press.

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