Monday, December 1, 2008

Two great shows at Fifty24SF gallery: Miss Van and Jeremy Fish

Fifty24SF on December 4th, presents:

“Still A Little Magic” is a solo exhibition by Miss Van, a fine artist from Toulousse, France and now based in Barcelona, Spain.

Miss Van first gained acclaim painting walls in the streets of Toulousse, France. She unknowingly made a splash in the graffiti world by painting with acrylic paint and brushes, rather than the usual medium of choice, spray paint. Her iconic “poupees,” dolls with wide eyes and luscious curves have made their way to cities all over the globe. Miss Van made the transition from street to gallery and now focuses on her fine art work in the studio. Though she misses the streets, working in a studio allows her to experiment with materials and techniques that would be impossible to work with outside of a studio setting.

With each of her shows, we see how her “poupees” evolve and interact in different settings. Still
A Little Magic explores the world of theater and charade under the big top tents. Miss Van’s “Still A Little Magic,” features new drawings and paintings, and will be on display at the lower level of the FIFTY24SF Gallery from December 4-30, 2008.
Miss Van:

And up stairs you get to see another great art show presented by Jeremy Fish!
In “Ghosts of the Barbary Coast,” Jeremy Fish celebrates the individuals that chased their dreams all the way to San Francisco. In exploring the city he admires, and has called home for the last 15 years, Jeremy Fish unwittingly writes a love letter to San Francisco through his works of art. Jeremy states:

"The artwork in this show is my personal interpretation of some of San Francisco’s more colorful founding folklore. The goal for this show is to gain a better understanding of San Francisco’s formative heroes, and honor them in my drawings, paintings, and sculpture, as well as, finding parallels to the early days of San Francisco in today’s contemporary San Francisco, and the cyclical nature of this city and its ill behaviors." - J.F

The show features over 35 new works, including large woodworking projects from Indonesia. “Ghosts of the Barbary Coast” will be on display at the upper level of the FIFTY24SF Gallery from December 4-30, 2008.


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