Friday, January 23, 2009


The group art show, NOBODY WALKS IN L.A, featuring the work of more than 20 great Los Angeles artists opens tonight in BARCELONA! The opening reception starts at 8pm and goes on till 12 pm.. The evening includes live music, great tapas, wine, beer and a preview of MYBS fashion collection.

We just finished hanging last night and I got to say Amanda Visells, Joe Ledbetter's, Scott Belcastro's, Yoskay Yamamoto's(left) and all the other great works look really nice on the gallery walls. Its truly a big stepping stone to be having a show like this in Spain, as they are really kind of off the map for up and coming cutting edge contemporary art.

I have been working really hard to make this night happen and Im crossing my fingers that all goes well, smooth and hopefully we sell some of this great art.

So if your around Barcelona, please do come...if not you can see the whole preview of works

it will be on show there until Sunday and then moves to ATTICUS GALLERY
on Calle lled0 10, in Barcelona till the 10th of Feb.
Stay tuned for the after opening pictures!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

That Ron English does it again

Ron English and his team are some busy people, they work hard all day and wheat
paste all night..Here is their newest edition to the streets of LOS ANGELES.

"In an obvious celebration of our new President, it looks like a rogue
member of Ron English’s crew of billboard hijackers has successfully
liberated another ugly billboard; this time it can be seen on the
corner of Pico and Fairfax in Los Angeles. Across from the
supermarket, next to a gas-station.

The new Abraham Obama billboard resides directly over one of the
coolest murals in LA by Retna and El Mac."
- Jet Set Graffiti

Tracking the Wounded @ Corey Helford Gallery

Corey Helford Gallery is proud to present it's first solo exhibition with artist Joey Remmers on January 24th. "Tracking The Wounded" is inspired by the works of authors, such as Chuck Palahniuk and Michael Chabon. Remmers' cool and moody paintings capture the muted palette

of memory and freeze moments in timeless and intimate snapshots.

I went through the preview and these two paintings really caught my attention.. especially the one with the girl just tipping her toe over the edge of a sky scraper..something about it makes my hair stand on end.

The Opening reception is this Saturday so if your in Los Angeles, stop by Corey Helford for their
food, drinks and art.
Vist them Online HERE!

C215 curates STENCIL HISTORY X with Intoxicated Demons

Now there is something to be very excited about coming up this February. The fantastic gallery in Berlin, Intoxicated Demons has a show that will knock your paint brush right out of your hands. Stencil History x is a group art show curated by the one and only C215, stencil artists from France. Who in the past few years has really gained international success by traveling the world and decorating cities from Barcelona to Brazil. Beside showing a range of new work by C215, STENCIL HISTORY X will also exhibit a range of young unknown- but talented street artists.

The show is a double show at Intoxicated Demons Gallery and at the ATM Gallery. This is the first C215 is showing his work in a gallery in Germany, and he chose good ones to work with.

The show opens February 13th at 7 pm. And will be on show until the 8th of March.
Get all the information Here on the I.D website

Nathan Ota & A Paper Tiger

Recently A Paper Tiger has come out with a really nice new print, and I just have to say this one is my favorite that they have done so far. Its one of Nathan Ota's image from his painting, "Touch of Class", from his latest solo show over at La Luz de Jesus Gallery. The print is 12 x 15 and is of the small edition of 25 and only 100$, making this one a great collectors item.

See the print here!

Also Nathan Ota is exhibiting a new work this Friday at The NOBODY WALKS IN L.A art show in Barcelona. Im happy to be curating this one!

Dont miss it! The preview is up now!

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Online Preview is up!

The Pre-purchase preview for the group show NOBODY WALKS IN LA is now online.
Go now to see the works and if you will be in Barcelona, Spain this weekend make sure
you join us for the opening reception this Friday the 23rd, From 8pm to 12pm.

get all the information here:

Saturday, January 17, 2009

SWOON presenting her work at MoMa

I just came across this great video of Swoon speaking at MoMa and presenting a slide show of images that date back to her earliest work as a street artist. She goes in to detail about her inspiration, work process and history..its well interesting. Its inspiring to hear artists in general spilling their heart out about their work and ideas. Swoon is freaking awesome! i would love to have a cup of tea with that woman.
So if you got about 20 minutes to the videos.
Here's part one.

Go see part Two HERE!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Mc Bess and Netherland @ Rotofugi in Chicago

New Works by McBess & Netherland

Opening Reception
Friday, January 16, 2009 – 6-9PM
Rotofugi Gallery
1955 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago

Rotofugi Gallerys next exhibit is a loosely rock-and-roll themed affair featuring UK-based illustrator McBess and Chicago-based collage master Netherland McBess and Netherland will be at the opening. I have always been super fond on Mc Besses work, he is one of those artists that you should be nervous about giving a pencil to,, the response will be nothing short of "HOLY SHIT HOW DID YOU DO THAT"..Yes, hes got skills.

Exhibit Continues Through February 1- so try not to miss it!

visit the gallery Here!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Diva's exhibition at Rojo Art Space

Diva's new book published by ROJO / Divas Solo exhibition at ROJO art space bcn

I was lucky to catch DIVA's exhibition at ROJO ART SPACE in Barcelona, Spain. The exhibition
recently just closed so you wont be able to see it in person, but i did collect these photos.
DIVA told me she had to transform the whole space to make the enviroment she wanted for her works. She worked with ROJO and changed the lighting system, painted the walls and hung the show her self. The outcome was truly something special, walking in to the long corridor of a space I felt like I was walking it to a top notch art gallery in New York. Diva is just as delicate and sweet as her images, and this exhibition was celebration of her new book. You can find out more about DIVA's book here on ROJO.

About her book: SOL NEGRO
Reflecting the current state of her artistic evolution, the series Sol Negro coincides with the launch of the new compilation book of the same name. Human birds and mammals which behave like insects, and humanoid hybrids donning aerial and aquatic vegetation. Solitary beings, mating beings and communal beings. Entities which unfold, ethereal and earthly at the same time. Fossilized, nourished by the matter of the world, rooted in the surface of the atmosphere, like an extension of the essential nature of perpetual flow. Bright specters, both material and intangible, which exist, and are possible, by depending on their inner sense of light, their vibrant bind which allows them to be, and to be seen.

A few of my favorites from James Jeans exhibition at Jonathan Levine Gallery

"Jean uses exquisitely contoured line work to form the spatial relationships between his paint and canvas, resulting in a harmonious balance which can—at times—be experienced as if set to music. Several of his large-scale paintings are divided into multiple panels, echoing motifs from Chinese silk scroll paintings and Japanese wood block prints; two traditions which are sources of inspiration for the works in this show. "

What an amazing show! James Jean has got to be one of the best living artists of our times!
See the whole show here on Joanthan Levine.
The show will be up until Feb. 7th.

Preview pictures for Nobody walks in La show: Barcelona

Nobody Walks in LA opens on Jan.23.2009 in Barcelona, Spain
Featuring the works from artists like Amanda Visell, Joe Ledbetter, Scott Belcastro,
Yoskay Yamamoto, Tessar Lo, Nate Frizzell, Tiffany Liu and many many more!!

Visit: to get all the information.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Busy Busy...

Sorry for the lack of posts these days, Its been one busy start in to the New Year with a lot of traveling. Im off to Germany again tomorrow but not only that Im also super busy planning the art event, NOBODY WALKS IN LA, which will be held here in Barcelona on the 23rd of Jan. I do apologize for the lack of posting but its because of lack of time, and not lack of events.

Im going to direct you to a few other blogs that can help keep you informed: (in spanish)

I hope those can keep you busy and up to date until Im back on my normal schedule!Ill try to catch up this week!
For now, please stay tuned about the art event:
NOBODY WALKS IN LA and visit the blog!!

Thanks !!

Friday, January 9, 2009

JSHEA9 new website

The faboulous sculptor and creator JSHEA9 has just launched his new website. It includes a complete portfolio of his work, separated in to series and showcases his earliest works to his most recent exhibited.
A great way to see just how talented of a guy JShea is, visit his website and also his blog.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Alex Pardee and Ron English at Fifty24SF

Tonight, Jan. 8th, 2009 opens one amazing show of two world famous artists.
The sick, twisted and extremly talented Alex Pardee presents his solo show, Letters From Digested Children,” Alex Pardee pays homage to the children who are eaten by monsters. Alex states:
Each year, thousands of children turn up missing. Some are found. But most, unfortunately, are not. Many of the children are victims of abduction, some are runaways, and a large handful of them . . . have been EATEN by monsters. However, the digestive system of many monsters is abnormally slow, and a large portion of these children that have been eaten are still ALIVE, patiently waiting to be saved. Over the last year, from various parts of the country, I have gathered a selection of written S.O.S. letters from some of these children who are slowly being digested by the monsters that devoured them. My new solo art exhibition, titled "Letters From Digested Children" will showcase those S.O.S letters, as well as all new artwork, installations, and portraits of some of the more popular child-eating monsters in honor of the children who have been wrongfully eaten, and slowly digested."

wooohhh kind of creeepy, but i like it.
Downstairs we also have RON ENGLISH presenting “Mythographic Vicissitudes”-The show features new drawings and paintings and will be on display at the lower level of the FIFTY24SF Gallery.

Before Banksy, before Shepherd Fairey, there was Ron English, the catalytic figure in the advancement of street art away from traditional eighties wild-style lettering and into clever statement and masterful trompe l’oeil based art. For “Mythographic Vicissitudes,” Ron created a series of paintings based on variations on modern mythologies. Applying a sense of reverence to his patented mash of religion, history and art, English gives equal weight to all mythologies, from Jesus to Bigfoot to Expressionism. “Loch Ness Starry Night” depicts the emergence of the monster as seen through the eyes of Vincent Van Gogh. “Bigfoot in the Garden of the Gods” exposes the mythical missing link in his Colorado Springs lair, the epicenter of American hardcore Christianity. Marilyn and a mysterious Mickey Mouse, his face obscured by a gas mask, are bathed in Toulouse-Lautrecian light. And, a portrait of Jesus, the fisher of boys, fills in the messiah’s missing years.

Visit FIFTY24SF for more information.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gargamel goes to Portland!

The Grass Hut gang have a very special guest traveling to Portland - The Gargamel Gang including Chanmen, Kiyoka Ikeda, Naoya Ikeda, and Koji Harmon will be bringing custom sofubi, paintings, exclsuive releases, and will even be premiering a brand new sculpt, Dolly the Dolphin.

Jan. 9th,2009 from 6-9pm

Those attending will get first dibs on customs and the new releases.
Using each of their trademark elegance. Gargamel captures perfectly the essence of the vintage kaiju forefathers and at the same time shoot the whole movement into the future cosmos.

And Rick Widmayer of the Screen Door will be providing some very tasty eats.
Those of you who live in the Portland Area know what a special treat this will be. For those of you that plan to fly in or are traveling from other lands. We here at Grass Hut recommend the ACE hotel. The Ace even has a few rooms
painted by Grass Hut artists. You could request the Martin Ontiveros, or Scrappers rooms.

Here's a few sneeks, and more picks here...
For those that can make it to the show this friday. They will be handing out tickets/numbers anytime after noon on Friday. 6pm doors open and at 6:15 and they will call the first number and so on.
For everybody else- Around 8pm they will offer up the remaining stock, exclusives customs, ect online.

Grass Hut

Its a chance for you to make a difference: LA locals listen up!

Heres an update for anyone who can help in the LA area. In conjunction with City of Hope, Swindle magazine is hosting a bone marrow drive for Justin at their office. Heres the info:
Tuesday Jan 6th
10 am-2 pm R. Rock office 3111 Los Feliz blvd suite 100 Los Angeles, CA 90039 323-669-8819

"Our friend and art director Justin has relapsed with Leukemia. This time around, there is no chance to cure it with chemotherapy, and he will have to have a bone marrow transplant. None of his family members are a match, so he is searching for an unrelated donor. " - Swindle Magazine

In conjunction with City of Hope, we are hosting a bone marrow drive for Justin at our office. The drive will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Tuesday, January 6, at 3111 Los Feliz Boulevard Suite 100, Los Angeles, CA 90039.

Potential donors will be asked to fill out a consent form and have a mouth swab taken. All donors need to be between the ages of 18 and 60.

There is normally a testing fee of $52 per person, but City of Hope has waived the fee for us. Any donation you make—even if it’s just $5—will cover the cost of testing.

If you cannot attend the drive, you can make an appointment to get tested at City of Hope (626.301.8483).

There is a $52 fee for processing the marrow sample, but if you donate blood, then the cost is waived. You can also have a kit mailed to you. You will need Justin’s full name, birth date and medical record number, which I can provide to you.

If you aren’t in the L.A. area, click here to figure out where the closest drive is for you.

Please be aware that by getting tested for Justin, you will be added to the national bone marrow donor registry. When a volunteer registers as a potential donor, his/her tissue type is listed on the donor file and is compared with the tissue type of all patients in need of a transplant. You can withdraw at any time, but keep in mind that you may be someone’s only hope for survival.

Please drop us a line to let us know if you are coming so that we can gauge the number of materials needed. For more information about Justin or the drive, please contact me at or call 323.669.8819.

If you end up getting tested no matter where you are, send AMANDA VISELL an email
with your address and she will send you a drawing.

Man is the Bastard: Ericailcane solo show

A solo exhibition of new work by Ericailcane

Preview Reception
Saturday, January 10th, 2009

7.00pm – 10.00pm

1257 N. La Brea Avenue
W. Hollywood CA 90038

Man is many things, and according to Ericailcane, the provocative Italian street artist, Man Is The Bastard. The New Year sees Ericailcane exhibit his first LA solo show at the Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art. The exhibition (January 11th – January 28th, 2009), entitled, "Man Is The Bastard", is a collection of etchings and graphic art of domestic animals, set in an alternative universe where they have taken revenge against mankind. Ericailcane's work has conscious social and political elements and his style has distinct, macabre yet humorous imagery.

Visit the gallery for more information HERE!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Nathan Stapley at Gallery 1988 SF

Gallery1988 presents "Faces and Spaces" by artist Nathan Stapley. Stapley, a San Francisco resident for 15 years, recently moved to NYC in the summer of 2008. His upcoming solo show will be the artist's much anticipated homecoming since moving to the East Coast.

Nathan Stapley was raised in Southern California, just North of Los Angeles. After high school, he moved to San Francisco in order to attend the Academy of Art. Shortly after graduating from the Academy, Nathan was offered a position at Lucas Arts in Marin County. While working at Lucas, Nathan met Tim Schafer and Scott Campbell, who convinced him to leave Lucas Arts and start a career in the video game industry at Double Fine Productions, where he worked on the award winning game, Pyschonauts. Nathan has been working as an artist for Double Fine since 2001 and is also a founding member of "Hickee," a comic published by Alternative Comics. In addition to "Hickee," the prolific Stapley has finished over 300 webcomics. In his spare time, Nathan creates original artwork for gallery shows and has exhibited his work throughout the United States, as well as in Canada.

"Faces and Spaces" will be Stapley's first solo show and it will be quite impressive with close to 100 paintings for sale. The show opens on Friday, January 9th from 7-10PM. Nathan will be in attendance at the event and we will also have live music performed by the artist's younger brother.

Gallery1988 San Francisco is located at 1173 Sutter Street (between Polk and Larkin).

Intoxicated Demons Gallery presents Andreas Pistner and a new Secret Gallery

Intoxicated Demons gallery in Berlin has some great shows lined up for the new year. To kick it off this January opens a solo show with artist Andreas Pistner, a 28 year old artist from Wiesbaden (Germany) that just finished art school.

Andreas is constantly working on ideas to bring some “fresh & ancient” life into his character designs by using the so-called “aquatinta-etching” technique.
Character Landscapes by Andreas Pistner
Opening Reception: January 9th

Also this month ID.G will open the SECRET GALLERY as an offical part of the whole gallery project. So be sure not to miss the official take-over of 5 floors of fresh art in january, starting with artist Stefan Thompson.

Stefan Thompson. 28 year old canadian artist. He studied environmental science at Carleton University. Realizing that he as a painter was even a part of the ecological problem brought him to rethink and rearrange the way he works as a painter. After much experimentation and research he finally phased out the use of all toxic paints by may 2007. He describes himself as still in a process of learning about all the those things. Animals and the natural world are dominant themes in his work, which in turn led him to make his art environmentally friendly.

Visit Intoxicated Demons for more information HERE!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Work by Emilio Subira

Emilio Subirá is one busy guy. Just about every few weeks I find that he has created a new piece of work, this one really caught my attention. This series of characters which are a combination of both sculpture and canvas go under the name of Johnny. He has now created a whole family of Johnnys in different situations.
Emilio's work is ever changing and expanding in to new realms of creativity. He is just busting with ideas.

He is also currently updating his website and including a larger portfolio of work for your viewing pleasure, make sure you stop by and have a look for your self.

Friday, January 2, 2009

This Month! NOBODY WALKS IN LA: art event in Barcelona! Stay Tuned!

This month in BARCELONA!! Daily duJour LA and Atticus Gallery BCN have teamed up to bring some of the most exciting emerging contemporary Los Angeles based artists to Barcelona for an exhibition during the international Bread and Butter fashion Fair. The newly launched wanted to make an immediate splash internationally and was only too happy to work with the young and fresh Barcelona based Atticus Gallery, whose director Tina Ziegler has strong ties to California and Los Angeles.

The show has been titled “Nobody Walks in LA,” as a reference to the stereotypical idea that Los Angeles residents are all the same – when the reality is that Los Angeles has become one of the most diverse cities and cultural melting pots in the world. The artists in the show represent that melding of culture and styles with everything from urban street to abstract expressionism. Artists in the show are both LA natives and transplants.

The exhibition will take place on Jan. 23, 2009, at the beautiful Master Art ,300 meters sq. gallery location .

TO STAY INFORMED ABOUT THIS EVENT please visit the blog!

Bringing Brooklyn to Los Angeles

Thinkspace Gallery in LA and AD HOC from Brooklyn, Nyc have teamed up and the outcome is a group show featuring only Brooklyn based artist to be exhibited at the Thinkspace Gallery location in Los Angeles.

From The Streets of Brooklyn" is a wide survey of the street and graffiti artists who call Brooklyn their home. From internationally renowned street artists such as Bast and Swoon to hardcore graf writers such as Kuma and Rate, this show features almost 50 artists from every walk of street art and graf art life. Wheat pastes, stencils, murals, installs and of course tags and piece ups are all recognized and included in this once in a lifetime examination of what is currently going up and staying up in the streets of Brooklyn, New York. A photo montage by street art photographer Luna Park is included in the show as well as great installations in the gallery by Gaia with Rachel Lowing (front entry area) and Imminent Disaster (project room area). Also, be sure to check the area around the gallery for the incredible chalk shadows of Ellis G. dotting the sidewalks and enhancing the mundane city landscape, even if only until the next rain.

With featured installations from:

• Gaia + Rachel Lowing (front entry installation area)

• Imminent Disaster (project room installation)

• Ellis G. (special street installation in surrounding area)

• Luna Park (special photo collage install)

Over 40 Brooklyn, NY based artists in the main gallery, including:

Abe Lincoln Jr. / Acne / AIKO (aka Aiko Nakagawa) / AnerA / Avoid Pi / avone / Bast / Bloke / c.damage / Celso / Chris Stain / Dan Witz / Dark Clouds / Dennis McNett / ELBOW-TOE / Ellis G. / ELC (aka Endless Love Crew) / Faro / Gaia / Graffiti Research Lab (G.R.L.) / Imminent Disaster / infinity / jm rizzi / Josh MacPhee / Juse One / Kuma / Matt Siren / Maya Hayuk / Michael DeFeo (aka The Flower Guy) / MOMO / Peru Ana Ana Peru / PMP (aka Peripheral Media Projects) / Rate / Robots Will Kill / Royce Bannon / Skewville / Slept / Sometimes / Sonet / Stikman / Swoon / Thundercut / UFO / Unplate

Opening reception: Friday January 9th, 09 from 7pm to 11 pm.

The exhibition will be on show until the 6th of February.