Friday, January 2, 2009

Bringing Brooklyn to Los Angeles

Thinkspace Gallery in LA and AD HOC from Brooklyn, Nyc have teamed up and the outcome is a group show featuring only Brooklyn based artist to be exhibited at the Thinkspace Gallery location in Los Angeles.

From The Streets of Brooklyn" is a wide survey of the street and graffiti artists who call Brooklyn their home. From internationally renowned street artists such as Bast and Swoon to hardcore graf writers such as Kuma and Rate, this show features almost 50 artists from every walk of street art and graf art life. Wheat pastes, stencils, murals, installs and of course tags and piece ups are all recognized and included in this once in a lifetime examination of what is currently going up and staying up in the streets of Brooklyn, New York. A photo montage by street art photographer Luna Park is included in the show as well as great installations in the gallery by Gaia with Rachel Lowing (front entry area) and Imminent Disaster (project room area). Also, be sure to check the area around the gallery for the incredible chalk shadows of Ellis G. dotting the sidewalks and enhancing the mundane city landscape, even if only until the next rain.

With featured installations from:

• Gaia + Rachel Lowing (front entry installation area)

• Imminent Disaster (project room installation)

• Ellis G. (special street installation in surrounding area)

• Luna Park (special photo collage install)

Over 40 Brooklyn, NY based artists in the main gallery, including:

Abe Lincoln Jr. / Acne / AIKO (aka Aiko Nakagawa) / AnerA / Avoid Pi / avone / Bast / Bloke / c.damage / Celso / Chris Stain / Dan Witz / Dark Clouds / Dennis McNett / ELBOW-TOE / Ellis G. / ELC (aka Endless Love Crew) / Faro / Gaia / Graffiti Research Lab (G.R.L.) / Imminent Disaster / infinity / jm rizzi / Josh MacPhee / Juse One / Kuma / Matt Siren / Maya Hayuk / Michael DeFeo (aka The Flower Guy) / MOMO / Peru Ana Ana Peru / PMP (aka Peripheral Media Projects) / Rate / Robots Will Kill / Royce Bannon / Skewville / Slept / Sometimes / Sonet / Stikman / Swoon / Thundercut / UFO / Unplate

Opening reception: Friday January 9th, 09 from 7pm to 11 pm.

The exhibition will be on show until the 6th of February.

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